which x-men power

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out of x-men who has the greatest power ?

who has the worst powers?

you're were  in last  battle  to the death what x-men power would you relie on the most, which x-men ?

if none of these, who do you think

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who has the worst powers?

WTF!!!!!  Angel is AWESOME!!!!!!!

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Greatest power: Jean- She can become the Phoenix! and her coming back alive once (or if she comes again twice) really makes me thinks she's extremely powerful!
Worst Power: NONE, they all are awesome in their own ways!

Rely on......... Magneto or Jean, thats a toughie !

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Greatest Power: Jean Grey

Worst Power: Jubilee

Most Reliable: Jean Grey (she will make sure you survive before her own life); I am tempted to say Magneto but he is one scary dude who may just kill you off only to advance himself.

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greatest power jean grey or logan

worst power

jubilee or angel

 i would relie on most jean or logan

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Greatest Power: Storm

Worst / Lesser Efficient: Angel

Rely on in battle: Magneto

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storm and wolverine

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@Hawk: angel not awesome
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fightfan7 said:
storm and wolverine

3/4 of the other people on the list would easily destroy storm power-wise.
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Professor X
Ice man
Forge (potential)
Jean (strapped with a giant elastic band to the spirit world )

Boom Boom ( or should I say bang bang she's dead)
Cipher (can translate anything but doesn't understand the word Run!, dead)
Chicken boy

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jean grey

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Hawk said:
who has the worst powers?beast jubilee cylops gambit angelWTF!!!!!  Angel is AWESOME!!!!!!! [more]
agreed! alot of people ive met dont know exactly what his current powers are. they should check his bio here once. lol!
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fightfan7 said:
@Hawk: angel not awesome
lets clarify, Angel was turned into the Angel Of Death Archangel and was severally enhanced, furthermore his own "normal" form also grew in power and added new ones like a healing factor for example, and retained many portional attributes from his horseman self.
recently he has evolved again and can now switch back and forth forms.

Archangel's primary power is that of natural flight, due to his large feathered wings. His wings have superhuman strength, and they have a very flexible skeletal structure that enables him to press them to the back of his torso and legs with only the slightest bulge visible under his clothing. His bones are hollow, his body processes food more efficiently than a normal human body and does not store any excess fat, and he possesses a greater proportionate muscle mass than normal. As a result, his strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, eyesight, and hearing are at their peak. Elements of his anatomy are comparable to those of birds. His superhumanly sharp eyes can withstand high-speed winds which would damage the average human eye. His lungs can extract oxygen from the air at high velocities or altitudes, and he can cope with the reduced temperatures at high altitudes for prolonged periods of time, giving him a greater-than-normal capacity to endure low temperatures in areas such as the Arctic.

While he generally flies below the height of clouds, Archangel can reach almost twice this height with little effort. At his absolute maximum, he can reach the highest recorded altitude of a bird in flight — about the height above the sea level of Mount Everest — but he can only remain that high for a few minutes. Although flight is as natural a mode of transportation for Angel as for a bird, he can only fly nonstop under his own power for around half a day.

His wings have been replaced by Apocalypse with techno-organic versions which can appear the same as his natural wings.

He has undergone heavy training with Professor X, especially in mastering his flight indoors. His agility, reflexes, coordination and balance while flying appears unmatched in the Marvel Universe, and he has been seen several times defeating other superbeings much faster than him (like the Human Torch) by dodging them and having them smash against the ground or a wall at full speed. The strength in his natural wings can easily break a man's arm or leg, or even put someone through a wall.

Angel is also an accomplished hand-to-hand fighter, having defeated several of the werewolf-like homo superior when Wolverine was defeated. He was trained in hand-to-hand combat at Xavier's school; while dating Psylocke, he received a considerable amount of martial arts instruction. During his years on the team, he was given extensive training from Wolverine, and when he once surprised Wolverine after taking down some men, he said, "My father spoiled me with more than money." He also received further instruction from the Black Widow and Hercules during his days with the Champions.

As the result of a secondary mutation, Archangel also developed a healing factor and can heal others by mixing his blood with theirs, provided they have a matching blood type to Warren's. Although powerful, this mutation varies in potency. At times, he cannot aid the terminally wounded; at others, he can actually raise the recently dead. This secondary mutation suggests that he may be descended from the ancient race of Cheyarafim mutants. He is nearly immune to injury because his healing blood is constantly flowing through him. At its onset, he repaired broken bones in days, but his healing abilities have enhanced since then. However, in a recent issue of X-Force, Warren is savagely attacked and his wings are ripped from his body. His healing factor fails to work, and he instead must be healed by Josh Foley. Like the mutant Icarus, Archangel's healing factor is found in his wings and is negated once they are severed.

Aside from his superhuman powers, Warren is a highly capable businessman, and was the former chairman of the board and principal stockholder of Worthington Industries.

[edit] Techno-organic wings

Archangel possesses a set of metal wings given to him by Apocalypse. These wings are composed of a hard, sharp, organic material that resembles the "organic steel" of Colossus' body. The wings gave him the ability to project his bio-metallic feathers out from his wings at great speed and with tremendous force, enabling them to pierce even steel. Archangel does not have complete control over his feathers, which sometimes shoot from his wings against his conscious will in response to his unconscious aggressive drives. The feathers are laced with a neural inhibitor chemical, generated by Archangel's body, which induced temporary paralysis. His new wings allow him to fly at speeds much faster than his natural, organic wings. The edges of these metal wings are also quite sharp, allowing them to be used as weapons. Just like all other Horsemen of Apocalypse, his strength was upgraded and his physical attributes were heightened.

Apparently, he lost his technorganic wings when he regrew his organic ones, but the Apocalypse-induced technorganic mutation never left his system, and his natural-appearing wings contain a strain of the techno-organic virus, enough, when implanted into regular human beings, to induce a mutation similar to that of Warren's. When his feathered wings were severed from his body by Wolfsbane, his metal wings grew back in their place. Furthermore, his skin reverted back to blue, and out of nowhere, his old Archangel costume appeared. Later however, Warren's body returned to normal; the technorganic wings vanished and were once again replaced with his feathered ones. Warren and Elixir have both commented that the metal wings are now a part of him and it appears that now Warren has the ability to switch between metal and feathered wings, depending on certain situations.

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out of x-men who has the greatest power ?

Lets see: In order

  • Emma Frost (I love telepaths, and the ability to become Diamond is amazing.)
  • Kurt (With all the skills he has, Teleportation is just a bonus!)
  • Jean (Hate her, but come on, she's *over* super powered.)
  • Pixie (Okay, seriously, who doesn't want to make people see magical unicorns?)
  • Kitty (Yea Walking through walls = amazing I don't need any back up statement for that!)

who has the worst powers?

In order, again:

  • Rogue (Explanation for why her amazing powers suck: The negative affect. I mean never being able to touch anyone? That would SUCK so much!..Sorry Rogue)
  • Domino (Her Skills, and Weapons, Ect, are amazing, however her actual power, not so much)
  • Cyclops (Again, Negative affect)

you're were  in last  battle  to the death what x-men power would you relie on the most, which x-men ?

Well,I would rather not die. So I want:

  • Kitty (Phase me out baby!)
  • Kurt (Teleport me out? Eh?... Plus he's really nice eye candy ;) )
  • Emma Frost *Diamond Skin, could help..and she rocks)
  • Dust (Not so much for getting away (other than herself) but she has real potential for fighting.

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