Which lady has more potential

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Both Cyclops and Wolverine have grown as a characters,  which lady should have major development, who has more potential to grow.

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X 23.

Less a wolverine clone and more anything please.

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I say Storm. She is a shadow of who she used to be. Then Hope and X-23.

I say give them their own series again.

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You know where I stand. Some of us on comicvine want to see Storm have her own solo. Heck.. I even bought black panther comics just to read, what's up with her. Give her a decent writer, and I know the fans would buy that up. I would even settle for Storm and the X-men.

She seems to be on the upswing again. So let's hope we can bring her back to her former glory like she had in the 80s/90s.


Also I think Rachel has AMAZING potential. I like what they are doing with her character. I think she is truly establishing herself as something other than a jean place filler.

And I think Psylocke should have been just as big as Elektra was too. Don't know why she wasn't. I consider them equals. I can't wait to see her, Storm, Spiral, and Lady Fantomex in Uncanny X-force. It's going to be goooooood!

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I would like more development to be done with Kitty, Storm and Magik. Sure, Kitty is a headmistress now, but I want each of these ladies to have their own series to develop their characters more.

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i would of said pixie if she was on the list, but i'll go with Jubilee since we haven't seen her since she left with the other vamps and i'd really like to see what she's been up to and how she's dealing with her change

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This is a kind of complicated question.. I picked Jean, not because she's my favourite (she just always seemed generic to me, I dunno..), but because it seems like they're giving her a fresh start.

That said, Storm and Psylocke both seem to be primed for some major and long overdue character development, while Kitty, Emma and Rogue are all finding themselves in new roles. Showing Kitty in the role of mentor seems so natural, and yet still so fresh, and I think putting Rogue on the Avengers was a brilliant move -she's been spinning her wheels with the X-men for a looong time.

Thing is, Jubilee is now at a point where she could actually start growing as a character again, and in a way that would probably really effect other characters around her, but that just doesn't seem to be in the cards. Not that I mind (not really a big Jubes fan either, I guess), but it does make me wonder how you're qualifying the idea of potential.

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Storm needs it bad and I'm hoping Uncanny X-Force delivers for her and Betsy both.

I think Kitty could use some further development with her role as a headmistress. Maybe give her an arc to herself as star.

Jean is getting good focus right now in All New X-Men. Hope it continues.

Emma is another character that needs some serious work and I don't see her getting it anytime soon sadly.

Rogue is on the right track in Uncanny Avengers in my opinion, but it it is still too soon to make a solid judgement.

Magik could use some focus as a main character and not just an assist who is occasionally evil or witty.

Rachel may as well disappear with Jean back. She isn't going to get any characterization as long as Jean is around.

Jubilee should appear in Morbious if she appears anywhere.

X-23 is out of place in Arena. Marvel isn't going to kill her there and it is obvious. Not really sure where she would fit though.

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Illyana has the most potential of these characters at the moment. I'm more interested in her direction with Scott's team.

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@RedK said:

i would of said pixie if she was on the list, but i'll go with Jubilee since we haven't seen her since she left with the other vamps and i'd really like to see what she's been up to and how she's dealing with her change

I agree, plus it would be a great opportunity to see Jubilee with her mutant powers returned and how that would interplay with her physiology now.

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I think by nature newer characters have more potential, if you take a character that's already been around for decades, there's a more solid foundation to build off and in some cases that foundation restricts the potential of the character's future (like Jean Grey or X-23).

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i don't think Jubilee got her mutant powers back, think she only has her vamp ones unless she went to see the scarlet witch to get them back but i've been reading since the whole vampire arccand haven't seen that happen

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Thank you so much for letting me know.

I am a little disappointed, though. It really bothered me Marvel had her depowered and outside of her mini with Wolverine and her brief stint in X-23's cancelled series - I haven't seen enough of her. I do remember seeing the interaction she had with Surge (I think) where Surge was her sour self and I kind of digged the whole loner thing she had going on.

Again, thanks for the update on her. :)

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