Which do you prefer: Wolverine/JeanGrey or Wolverine/OroroMunroe?

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I have seen a lot of fans wanting a Wolverine/Phoenix relationship and Wolverine/Storm relationship. Well, it looks like x-men fans are fine with Cyclops and Emma together while we still hear a lot of people not liking the Black Panther and Storm together. So... I was thinking that if Marvel will make us decide who should Wolverine marry, ( no divorce or separation in the future ) would you prefer a James Howlett and Phoenix marriage or Wolverine and Storm marriage?

Please also tell us why. : )

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i would be fine with either one

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Wolverine should die alone

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neither, jean and logan is played out and storm and logan just seems like a mismatch

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@lykopis said:

Really - I prefer neither.



Wolverine should die alone

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Neither, it has been clearly established that Logon has of the years had several significant relationships over the years mostly in his pre x-men days and they have all blown up in his face. Either he was a outsider in a more closed society,
people started growing old around him and he left, his past caught up with him or something else happened. Point being Logon is not reliable despite his intentions his prsonal life is more screwed up than his memory used to be.  

Now relating specifically to Jean and Storm, I don't remember Jean really having feeling for Logon the way she did for Scott. Sure she was attracted to him partly because he was was so different from Scott but I think the myth of a great relationship
between them is largely aninvention of the fans that seems to bleed in to storries from time to time. As for Storm I remember a few years before she and the Panther were married that she and Logon dated a bit but the writers abandoned 
that plotline.

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Neither, let him get his own damn woman instead of taking someone elses :p

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Got to go with the general opinion here of neither. I always loved Logan and Ororos' relationship in Claremonts run of X Men where they had this great mutual respect and admiration thing going on. That was far more interesting than any relationship. Besides, i think that marriage is far too boring a concept for superheroes such as hte ones you're talking about. Why does it have to go that far?

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O_o I missed the marriage part. In that case, neither.

@Aiden Cross said:

Neither, let him get his own damn woman instead of taking someone elses :p

Jean's a free agent ;p

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@The Dark Huntress: Well dying 5 times does that to you..

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He's fine with Melita.

Maybe Marvel should pair him with Squirel Girl. That's something I want to see. :D

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@DarkChris: yes their relationship for the win i would love to see her make an appearance in wolverine and the xmen were they start something off

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@aztek_the_lost said:

Wolverine should die alone

Flagged for having an opinion I don't like.

Jean x Wolverine. X-Men hasn't been good since Jean left. [Not because of the fact Jean left, but ever since she died the X-Men have gone in a direction everyone I dislikes]

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@DarkChris said:

He's fine with Melita.

Maybe Marvel should pair him with Squirel Girl. That's something I want to see. :D

1. Melita is definitely NOT his Lois Lane.
2. Let's leave Squirrel Girl outside of Wolverine's world.
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Definitely neither. I think that Wolverine and Storm were better off as friends and I think Jean Grey had more love for Cyclops than Wolverine, although I don't mind them being friends.

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Years ago I would have picked Wolvie and Storm...but Cyclops and Emma are so perfect together

I would pay to see how the writers would make a jean & Wolvie relationship work in current marvel


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I have always associated Logan's and Ororo's relationship as a sibling relationship... always looking after each other and so on (I mean Storm has that appeal on all the main X-dudes, like: Colossus, Nightcrawler, etc...)!! And Logan/Jean together is just too much now!! I feel like placing them two together, now after years and years of tormenting love, would be a cop-out!! Both relationships aren't necessary and I think Logan should move on!! Like maybe he should hook up with some under-rated (not underage... his "side-kicks") x-gal!! And Storm should leave Black Panther... it's not flowing or passionate enough to feel real!!

*Oh and Jean should stay dead!!

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@Thirteen13 said:

@lykopis said:

Really - I prefer neither.



Wolverine should die alone

ditto to all them

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@_slim_ said:

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I would be for giving the Wolvie/Jean a test run but slowly over time. Most of the X-MEN stories have been pretty lame since Jean left anyway...

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