where is Polaris in the new marvel now universe?

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I might have missed her but where is she? I always have wished she'd get more pen. I havent heard anything about them doing another x-factor and I thought that was the team she was on previously.

#2 Posted by Target_X (379 posts) - - Show Bio


Still with X-Factor.

#3 Posted by AgeofHurricane (7297 posts) - - Show Bio

@Target_X said:


Still with X-Factor. Kicking major a$$.

#4 Posted by HAWK2916 (1721 posts) - - Show Bio

Is x-factor getting a reboot, staying the same or being discontinued?

#5 Posted by Target_X (379 posts) - - Show Bio


Well, PAD had a stroke if you didn't know. So, I guess it's up in the air, but I have heard nothing of a cancellation and I think it was supposed to roll through the Marvel NOW with little change. They already shed members and gave Polaris a new outfit. I believe that was the extent of it.

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