What race is Threnody of X-men/X-man

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I am reading the new X-man TPB from 1995, got me thinking; I am curious of her race or ethnic heritage. She is from Los Angeles USA, I know that much, is she African American, Mexican? Interesting discussion if there is not much proof of her actual ethnicity.

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She had very few appearances. I assume she is African American.

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Chucky cheese

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Human. Well, yeah, technically Mutant like Duke_Nasty said but you know what I mean.

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After reading the entire X-man TPB, I'm pretty sure she's latina, based on 3 or 4 different artists versions of her, she has big round eyes, small lips, facial structure is not african, permed curly brown hair. She is from LA, and a lot of mexican americans live there. Mutants!!!

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She once posed as Naomi Campbell, so I'm pretty sure she's African-American.

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