What on earth is happening with X-Men movies right now?

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Right, so three X-Men films happened, third one was a little sucky. Then there was another sucky film about Wolverine's origins. Then there was First Class, which for multiple reasons, seemed to be a reboot, since shit just doesn't line up with the other movies. Stuff like Beast building Cerebro, stuff like the circumstances Xavier gets crippled (not bald, and young). The school is established After magneto and Xavier go their seperate ways. The only thing to suggest otherwise was the marketing, and the cameo appearance by Hugh Jackman.

Anyhow, now we have a sequel to X-Men first class called X-Men: something about Days. We also have The Wolverine coming, which appears to be a sequel to X-Men: Origins: Wolverine. So are we currently seeing 2 separate representations of the X-Men in movies? Or are they going to continue to wrongly play these off as being in the same series? Or were they ALWAYS supposed to be in the same series, but the writers of First Class just forgot to watch the other movies before writing that one? Seriously, what the shit is going on?

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They never actually said Beast didn't build Cerebro. There aren't a lot of issues with the continuity, but I admit, some of it is really messed. The third movie just ruined everything. I think they should just erase the first three and continue where they are now.

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Origins seems to be in the X-Men Trilogy's continuity, so that's that. I think First Class and its sequels will be in its own thing, but for right now, I'm calling it a prequel, regardless of its few flaws in continuity. We'll have a better idea when the sequel's out, I guess.

Eh. Try not to dwell on it. Works better that way.

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If you pretend X3 didn't happen, it's much easier to see First Class as a prequel instead of a reboot. Personally I'm trying not to get bogged down with the X-Movie continuity.

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@RadioactiveGazz: There will always be reboots. That's just the way it is. But the update is:

Wolverine 2: In the works right now as we speak

X-Men First Class 2: In the works right now as we speak

Deadpool: Announced

Magneto: Last i heard this movie was scrapped but it could have been cool.

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@shrmntnk62: The problem is, you shouldn't have to pretend bad movies didn't happen for things to continue. It is as if the writers of First Class didn't watch any of those 4 other movies. Granted, it is my favorite X-Men movie by far, but it seems even the people making it have absolutely no idea what is going on with the franchise.

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Brian Singer when produced the X-Men First Class, he decided to ignore the X-Men origins Wolverine and X-Men Last stand because he didn't take part, this why.

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I think the next film will provide the answer....possibly like what happened in the Star Trek film and how they connected that movie to the old series

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X-men movies; you mean foX-men movies

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@Agent9149 said:

X-men movies; you mean foX-men movies

I wish people would stop saying things like this. Fox just gives the filmakers money and reaps the benefits and make suggestions about stars and other trickery.....did you know the CEO of Fox Tom Rothmans input for the first X-men movie was to have Pyro, the Danger Room and all kinds of other crap......he was fanboying out.......
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@RadioactiveGazz: I think the wolverine is from a seperate movie series, either that or it's not a sequel to origins and is just a wolverine film. First Class' continuity errors can actually be fixed pretty easily; X-men 3 and Origins were really really really bad movies, so the continuity errors are deliberate so they can say "yeah these two movies didn't happen in continuity, only the first two really count".

Also the new movie (X-men: Days of Future Past) is a sequel to First Class

@Romulus9000 said:

@RadioactiveGazz: There will always be reboots. That's just the way it is. But the update is:

Wolverine 2: In the works right now as we speak

X-Men First Class 2: In the works right now as we speak

Deadpool: Announced

Magneto: Last i heard this movie was scrapped but it could have been cool.

The Magneto movie became First Class

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If they reboot the series then days of future past will be the next installment.They just have to give more information.

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@RadioactiveGazz: The Wolverine isn't a sequel to Wolverine Origins, in fact if it takes place anywhere, it will be taking place after X3. X-Men Days of Future past will hopefully give them the chance to fix any continuity issues, or perhaps give them a fresh(er) start due to all the time travel-type things that will take place.

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@BiteMe-Fanboy said:


This :D But seriously according to "Fox" all the movies are from the same continuity. the new wolverine movie is AFTER the events of X-3, and the First class movies are prequels to the original three, also the first wolverine origins was before the Original 3 (so i guess about the same time as first class?)

And yes "Days of Future Past" is a time travel story so maybe things will get altered and fixed in this movie to make it all make better sense.

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Whats happening with the X-Men movies is that Fox is required to produce a movie withing a certain period of time of loose the rights, so they are spalling whatever thay can together to keep the rights despite how bad a job they are doing with with their last few results.

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Wolverine is a sequel to XTLS.

And pretty much now that the newest X-film got a good review, they are trying to jam more hugh jackman down are throats as if the x-men can't survive without Wolverine in 1 film.......

Where is Storm, where is cyclops, where is Psylocke.

I am tired of watching Wolverine and the X-men...

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I'm sure if the X-Men was to assume X-Men First Class to be a reboot, we'd still have Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for the hell of it.

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