What new powers/mutantions do you want to see?

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Hopefully at the end of AvX humans will get their X-gene back and we can start seeing new mutant characters. So in anticipation of this likely event then what new mutations and/or powers would you like to see? You can also include current mutants and depowered mutants you would like to see given a power upgrade or secondary mutation.

I would love to see a mutant character with an aquatic mutation so she looks like a mermaid and is unable to walk on land. I like the idea of mutation being both a blessing and a curse. Mutants can't all look like supermodels, or else how are we supposed to empathize with their plight and struggle for acceptance and equality..

I would love to see Dani and Sofia get their powers back and be more powerful as Mirage and Wind Dancer.

As for current mutants i would love to see Rogue possess a power like she did with Mr. Marvel's power. Maybe she could take a lesser known character's power, like Ariel's teleporting. It would be very useful and i doubt we'll see Ariel again anyway.

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Dont know if its been done. But I would like to see a mutant who can synthesise a viral pathogen specific to each and every individual. That mutant would be a tragic character but I imagine he would have a suit which allows him to control it, effectivley making him a walking qurantine.

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I'd like to see jubilee get her power's back maybe have them effect her as a vampire giving her a power boost.

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I would like to see Jubilee get her real powers back and I would like to see Colossus have a second mutation where he grows in size.

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@Rabbitearsblog said:
I would like to see Jubilee get her real powers back and I would like to see Colossus have a second mutation where he grows in size.
Why?? He is already pretty large
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I actually prefer the images of Colossus where's he leaner in appearance.

As for mutant powers. They've all pretty much been done.

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@Rickbarry said:

As for mutant powers. They've all pretty much been done.

I don't think so. I know there are several i have not seen in the spotlight like hydrokinesis, elasticity, recognition, plant mutations, and venomous abilities. There are also subtle powers like Cypher's and physical mutations like Angel's. And some powers so rare they were only seen a select few times like Tommy of the Morlocks.

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@Silver_Raven: Didn't that Ink guy have poison/venomous abilities? He disappeared insanely quick. I remember Black Tom basically turned into a plant, but he poofed as well.

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I'd like a mutant able to manipulate the life forms using his emotions. He could be able to manipulate plants and animals on high levels - like the Swamp Thing - and use them in a lot of ways(like using the vegetal matter inside the body of someone to harm him or turn people into beasts getting out the animal in their mind etc.).

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@Rickbarry: I Agree with you there.

Goodness that's a hard question, because is seems like since the X-Men and X-Men related character have been around for so long most every type of cool mutation has been done in some way shape or form. I'm sure there are some minuet mutations that may have not been done, but probably most of those are powers that wouldn't serve too well in a fight against others. I think it's going to take some major creativity to come up with something new and interesting for all the mutant fans. I mean we have seen people able to transform their bodies in Steel (Colossus), Diamonds (Emma Frost), even Rock (Rockslide). We've seen people able to conjure up multiple types of energies, projectiles, and substances. So where can they go now? I've racked my brain many times trying to think of a new and unique mutation, but it seems the Marvel Wiki site beats me to it.

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Mutant that can take the form of anything non-living. Can get inside any object and bring it alive.

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Plant, Gravity, and Shadow or Darkforce spring to mind

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New characters: A darkforce shapeshifter, a bioluminesent mutant, a sound manipulator, a sizeshifter, an invisible mutant, or a spider-like mutant, and a big, monstrous female character since Marvel has none of those. Also If the X-men do discover new mutants they also better be in other parts of the world because their should be a lot more from the Southern and Eastern hemispheres.

Old characters: Angel needs something new, him having metal wings makes no sense to me, how does he fly?. I feel he still the most underwhelming mutant and should have died in the Dark Angel Saga, what good is her now? He needs some power upgrade. Karma could also use some sort of psychic power boost to hack the minds she possesses and alter thoughts and memories. Mimic should lose all his previous power and gain new ones.

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