What is your favorite Classic X-men story?

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I've been reading Essential X-men (I'm almost at the end of Volume 2 and the part where Jean dies) and I am surprised at how enjoyable the ride has been. I thought that reading classic comics was something of an acquired taste, that is if you like current comic book stories it didn't straight away transition into you liking the older stuff. Even though some of the dialogue speaks the obvious, I like how we even get the insight of the thoughts of prominent characters. I was wondering what are people's favorite story or arc?

So far I would say the Dark Phoenix Saga was pretty good but I still have a lot to catch up on.

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Dark Phoenix is a classic story.
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@Jake Fury said:
Dark Phoenix is a classic story.
yes sir
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Days of Future Past, Inferno, Mutant Massacre and Dark Phoenix Saga are all great classic X-Men story lines. They had a huge impact on the current X-Men continuity.

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Days of Future Past

X-Tinction Agenda
Dark Phoenix Saga
Mutant Massacre
X-Cutioner's Song 
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Dark Phoenix Saga.

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Dark Phoenix Saga
Days of Future Past
God Loves Man Kills

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