What if Bishop come back evil, he form an evil version of X-Men:

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I read for someone that Bishop will come back as villain. It's ok. I believe that Bishop is more hero than any x-man because he had the balls to protect humanity by himself because he want to prevent that any human and heroes suffer what he had suffer in a timeline where everything was destroy, enslaved, and ruled by the sentinels. If he return as villains, then is a great ideal for him to form his own villain team that can take revenge of anyone who treated him as a traitor and make the X-Men suffer in all sense of the word.

Astra: Their teleporter
Dark Beast: Mad Scientist that would upgrade their weapons
Shard: Stand by her brother side
Bishop: Fearless leader
Sunfire: Elemental warrior
Martinique: Their mind-psychic manipulator

Omega Weapon: Their terminator

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Yeah, then he can team up with Wonder Man and form the Uncanny Revengers.

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Ummm. I agree with you. I mean I don't see Bishop as a villain. He's just misunderstood and since the X-Men or Avengers don't see his point of view (why he had to do what he had to do) they demonize him into the big bad. JUST LIKE EVERYONE IS DOING TO CYCLOPS. But yes. I don't know how the X-Men will be seeing Bishop as a bad guy. That being said I like it when he's on his own. I don't really want anyone to help him he's a bad ass (but who knows maybe he'll get some 616 followers to help him out).

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Bishop will be returning in Uncanny X-Force along with Psylocke, Puck, Spiral, Storm and a female Fantomex (EVA?).

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@The Myth: He's not leading, he's the villain.

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interesting idea

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He'll be part of the Uncanny X-force book.And his design looks awesome.

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yea i heard he was the villain i would like to see it end up with him coming back to the team, maybe even joining Cyclops :-p

Also as stated before Bishop is not a villain, not even at the end, just totally misunderstood.

Bishop is a man who was possessed with making sure the terrible future he came from didn't happen. So possessed he traveled back in time and was willing to kill "the traitor" to prevent them from assassinating Professor X. It only makes sens that when Hope was born and he seen her as the woman who caused all the initial hate on mutants he would be willing to kill her before it happens, but he even froze when he came face to face with the idea of killing a defenseless little girl. Thing is if he comes back and has his own team (he is a leader by nature and could do this fairly easy) people like Dark Beast wouldn't be candidates for his team. They are PURE evil and he would need people who were good at the core and believed what he believed, as stan lee says "True Believers"

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I wonder how they're going to redeem him? He now has an altered past due to the fallout of AvX? What about his arm? Why does he look so old when he should be around 50/60 by now.

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@FernandoGrey: I like your team better than most out there.

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@The Myth: thanks, bro. where did you find those pics? i love them.

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@The Myth said:

Bishop will be returning in Uncanny X-Force along with Psylocke, Puck, Spiral, Storm and a female Fantomex (EVA?).

I absolutely adore Kris Anka's work :P

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Since I see a lot of people are on a Bishop interest here, I have kinda figured the notion that if they were going to bring Lucas back, it would be a Lucas from another alternate Earth to take the old one's place. It would seem the most logical decision, and he need not necessarily have to be a villain. Why the writers insist that he remain a villain character now all the time really grinds my gears, I mean some of these ideas are really stupid, Marvel. Give em up!

Let's not forget that original Bishop was lost in time itself and I really don't see how he could ever come back without a very off-the-wall deus ex machina involved.

Course it could be better if he didn't return at all right just yet, seeing as the X-Men verse is currently such a imbecilic mess (again, thanks Marvel! Real hot-to-trot these days aren't ya?). >:P

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