what if

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I think its highly possible that Magneto will save the day. But there are already two threads discussing the Messiah Complex.

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can you guys imagine bishop being the traitor to the x-men, killing beast??? what do you think is a possible outcome gambit and magneto saving the day. tell me your thoughts

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quick question...

what issue was that? and who decapitated Iron Man with one blow?

she deserves respect lol


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That was the What If Planet Hulk.

Thats Caiera, Hulk's Queen.

The "What If" is, "What if before lunging for the ship, Hulk had saved his queen?"

Now SHE takes revenge on Earth, and kills mad people.

#5 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82981 posts) - - Show Bio

Post Deleted.

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oh cool...

someone posted it of a girl killing Iron Man and it made me laugh... just wanted to know where it had come from


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