What comes after Whedon's Astonishing?

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I've been trying to catch up on all things X-Men. So far I read Morrison's New X-Men, which flowed nicely into Whedon's Astonishing X-Men run, which I'm currently rereading. So when I'm done with this fantastic run, where do I go next?

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@Gambit1024: well i think warren ellis' astonishing run comes after that (but i've never read it)

otherwise i think that's roughly where house of m / decimation and all the big crossovers started. there's a bunch of minis like deadly genesis, son of m and endangered species dealing with decimation but in terms of the main books i think that's about when ed brubaker took over uncanny and mike carey took over the x-men. so maybe just follow up with one of their runs. personally i'd recommend mike carey's x-men/x-men legacy over brubaker (and later fraction)'s uncanny x-men. but that's just me. hell, get them both if you want.

The first brubaker trade is rise and fall of the shi'ar empire (but you probably best read deadly genesis before it)

the first mike carey trade is supernovas

mike carey's run started wuth this awesome line-up too!

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@X35: Thanks for the info!

Now for Mike Carey's run, does it reference anything from Whedon's run? I like it when things flow =P

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@Gambit1024: i think astonishing x-men has always been kinda the "baggage-less" version of x-men... it's kinda the x-men book for newbies... i mean that in the least offensive way possible... it just doesnt rely too heavily on continuity and in that respect the other books dont rely on that too much

both brubaker and carey start off with kinda a blank slate with the decimation being the big theme which leads the books into the various events like messiah complex, necrosha and second coming and there's also a bunch of minis (by carey) that tie into non-x-men events like civil war and secret invasion and when it eventually gets to fraction taking over you have stuff like utopia and dark x-men... following the books can be quite complicated

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@X35: None taken, and I agree. Astonishing's where I started in the first place with X-Men back when it first came out.

So I guess I should get into Decimination then, if I want to read Carey's run (I really like the lineup). Does anything lead up to that, or am I good to just read it?

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@Gambit1024: maybe you should wait for other people's two cents, i'd feel bad if you followed through based solely on my opinion and didn't enjoy it.

decimation is the result of an avengers story which started with disassembled and then went into house of m... but all you really need to know is house of m ends with most the mutants losing their powers on "m-day". some of the decimation minis are good (son of m is the one i remember most fondly)... the only thing is the x-books cross-over a lot for the big events... so if you're following just carey's books, when it comes to second coming you might be lost when you read the uncanny issues and don't quite understand what the characters motivations entirely are.

following x-men is so complicated. maybe just stick with astonishing ha. :S

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@X35: Well I did read all the Avengers events post-Disassembled, so I know all about HoM. If Decimination starts where that left off, then it shouldn't be a problem for me. How far into Carey's run do the events of Messiah CompleX happen?

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@Gambit1024: two trades or so, i believe... it happens round about the same time as civil war i think.

you won't be too lost if you just read one title and not the other.

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@X35: Got it. Thanks again!

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