What comes after House of M?

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I just finished House of M and I was wondering what to read next

Thanks, I appreciate any help

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so this?


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@Nijis: I was in the same boat you were in. I skipped Decimation because it was too open ended for me, i.e. too many spin offs. I went straight to Messiah CompleX and i don't feel like i missed much. I would recommend reading Messiah CompleX. If you still feel like you are missing some issues/graphic novels after you read MC, i would just pick up the specific issues/novels that you think you need to fill you in.

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Thanks! I've checked out both Decimation and Messiah Complex from the library.

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@Nijis: no problem! i've been doing a ton of research on Marvel stuff since i'm making the Marvel to DC switch. I love sharing my geek knowledge with anyone that will listen.

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Messiah Complex! You're getting into the INCREDIBLY AMAZING stuff! :P I'm jealous!

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Thanks for the good advice everyone! I am new to comic vine and new to comics (or atleast buying them) Quick question: should i read decimation in order to find out what happens to Prof. X? I got messiah complex and am reading it now and hes in it. So wtf happened with him??? Can someone lead me in the right direction? I went from house of m> messiah complex> missiah war> Xschism> AVX. I have only read House of M and Xschism/ AVX. Just trying to fill the gaps, what else do i need to buy? Thanks!

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