Uncanny X-Cast: Episode 23 - LCS Love and Pinkeye

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That's right, pinkeye.

This week we take a look at the conclusion of the X23 mini with #6, breeze through the classic that is Excalibur 20, try to figure out New X-Men 39, and try desperately to get our hands on X-Men 199.

We dig our "Chances Are" segment up from the grave and dust it off to give it another try.

And we creep closer to New Mutants retros by reviewing Uncanny 114 through 117.

Plus an in depth look at Marvel's August solicitations!

Download it on iTunes or at UncannyXCast.blogspot.com

And don't forget to visit us at our forum at:
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Hey dawg you dont come on here and pimp somebody else's web site.

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Sorry about that man, just thought X-Men fans would be interested in the podcast. I'll keep it to myself :) Take care
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On our blogs were not promoting another forum. That's the difference.

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Again apologize, I'm not trying to drive people away from Comicvine in any way. Ours is a totally unrelated blog to this though, it's primarily a response to the show.

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