TOP-10 Best X-Men TAS Episodes

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I found this video on youtube where some guy is listing his favorite episodes from X-Men the Animated Series:

I agree 100% with this guy, but what do you think? What are the best episodes in the show in your opinion?

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Hell no..... he just voted the episodes with the most action
1.Most of them were watered down versions of comic stories
2. "Dark Phoenix Saga" and "One Mans Worth" were more than just episodes, some of them were five individual episodes
3. Beyond Good and Evil was long and confusing, It was sort of based off the "Twelve" arc but convoluted, 
They should have included the Rogue centric episode, Weapon X lies and videotape, and other gems that were missing

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@cattlebattle: Weapon X lies and videotape was classic....also the one with the reavers and alpha flight

#4 Posted by cattlebattle (12969 posts) - - Show Bio
@blazinasian112 said:

@cattlebattle: Weapon X lies and videotape was classic....also the one with the reavers and alpha flight

I always loved the one where Cyclops gets stranded powerless in some town and leads the town to revolt against the oppressor....Cyclops couldn't fist fight worth crap in the episode but his leadership and ability to overcome were very well highlighted
#5 Posted by TheWolverine1987 (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey, I'm the guy who made that video. Allow me to explain somethings.

I counted multi-parter episodes as one so that's why there are episodes like One Man's Worth on the list. Phoenix saga was maybe watered down version of original story, but it was still dam good adaption (better than movie adaption atleast). Only action packed episodes? How about Bloodlines and Descent? Beside, most of the episodes had action AND character development like One Man's Worth, Obsession and Beauty & the Beast. Last but not least, remember that these are just my personal favorite episodes. I'm sorry if your favorite episode wasn't on the list, but what you gonna do? You can't change my personal taste. Beside, check the runners up list, because I includen Weapon X, Lies, Videotape there.

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