This could be a nice X-Men Group

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Leader: Havok (In my opinion is much cooler than Cyclops based of his unlimited cosmic power and leadership)                    
Members: Psylocke (A powerful ally in psychically and physically fights)                     

Meggan (An inmense powerful shapeshifter elemental empath that can have any power she desire if she have fully control over it)                                                                  

Warpath: (Warrior, tracker, shaman, and hand to hand expert)   

Adam-X (A mutant-alien that can outtake any obstacles by using blood manipulation based power and acrobatic moves with sharp weapons)                                                

 Sage: (Telepath, cyberpath, jumpstart evolution, deadly fighter, and mega computer mind, the ideal genius and backup member of the team)   

Iceman: (Omega mutant ice based powers, nothing more to explain)                                                                                                                                                                                    X-23: (Wolverine upgraded and more deadly than Wolverine) 

If they reach their ultimate potential powers, they could be the ultimate X-Team ever. 

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Its good. Best group compared to what? Under what standards?

I mean the strongest would be all reality warpers.

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I doubt they would sell well as a team. There's not enough connectivity going on between them. Havok would make a great leader but the rest of the team, maybe with the exception of X-23 and Psylocke, wouldn't mesh well with readers. Meggan, Sage and Adam-X are obscure or outdated for the most part. Could they be made relevant? Yes. Would Marvel take the time to let the title grow to that point before cancelling it? No.
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I do not like this team. As the poster above me pointed out, several members of this team are completely dated. Moreover, the other members have had little to know history working with each other and those that have, Havok and Iceman, do not like one another.

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There's already a dream team thread, prepare to be locked :P

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I would put your team up against The Six (+ the 2 later additions mentioned on there page to even things out) Havok leads both teams so it would have to be your team traveling thru space/time to confront them ;)
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@Thunderscream said:
" There's already a dream team thread, prepare to be locked :P "
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Sorry but I am so bored with a character who has a mish mash of random powers. Psionic and energy projecting and animal senses and teleport. What happened to just giving a dude the powers of a frog and letting him wok it out on his own from there.

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