The permanent end of the Scott-Jean relationship ? I hope not !

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I really hope Scott and Jean reconcile and get back together, while doing their best to make sure that the events that Jean saw would never happen. It's possible, sure. The jean-Scott Summers family ( Jean/Scott, Cable, Rachel, Hope etc. ) is my favorite comic book family along with the Bat-family.

I don't think it's too hard to make these 2 reconcile and marry again once they're adults, while making them take care not to repeat the mistakes that they've seen happen in future. As for Logan-Jean, I think Logan-Storm would be better. Please don't make that mistake, Marvel !

Scott/Jean are just the perfect comic book couple, They're meant to be together and it is also NECESSARY for the space-time continuum.

P.S. Please cut Scott some slack. He's been through a lot of bad shit. Jean treating him that way was just wrong IMHO.

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I hope it's a permanent end lol

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Not me. It was my favorite Comic book couple of all time :(

Also, I deleted this thread and started it on another board. How did it re-appear here ?

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Probably not. In comics, there is no permanent end or anything new - everything gets recycled eventually.

There is an easy way to retcon everything that has happened since New X-Men: One of the signs that Jean/Phoenix was becoming Dark Phoenix the first time was altering the memories and minds of Kitty Pryde's parents. It's possible that by rebuilding the timeline and willing Scott to move on with Emma, she might have accidentally altered something fundamental that could be fixed from the White Hot Room.

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I think young Scott and Jean should still get together. Her blaming him for things he hasn't done yet is stupid. Anyone who's read that era of X-Men that they came from knows how they would actually react in this situation.

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@PhoenixoftheTides said:

Probably not. In comics, there is no permanent end or anything new - everything gets recycled eventually.

This is EXACTLY the case. Only wrestling fans are more nostalgia loving than comic book fans. Comics are like food though while eating the same thing everyday, but sooner or later you will crave for that "boring" thing again. Just a part of being human.

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Young Jean and Scott should always end up together. unless if Wolverine would.....

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Young Jean and Wolverine is wrong on numerous levels.

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@Avenger85: well, they're my least favourite couple lol

Old Scott and Young Jean will never get engaged, and I don't think that Bendis is gonna make Young Jean and Young Scott stay together.

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I'd prefer Scott to move on from Jean.

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Yeah man, after reading and playing Warhammer/40k for almost a decade, I want to see a happy ending after all that grim/darkness lol. And X-Men was the first comic book series I read. Scott-Jean are my fav team and they made a great couple. Im hoping for a nostalgia trip back to the good old days for young scott & jean.

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