The Original the Better

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I think that if they are planning to make X-Men films they should cast the original actors/actress. New faces will be little bit weird. It would be like Blues Clues remember what happened to Blues Clues. hahaha Steve will always be the best.

For me the original cast did a great job it was just the writing which they had to follow. But if they are planning to cast younger versions of the cast then its fine. As long as they still look good on screen.

Original cast made my whole X-men experience.

X3: X-Men The Last Stand
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I didn't like the original cast. I liked the actors and actresses individually, but they just didn't work that well together as an ensemble cast IMHO. And it's funny that you show the X-3 roster because those costumes were extremely ill-fitting for such a big budget movie.

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Just Awful. Thanks again Bryan Singer.

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