The BEST repercussion from AXV...Cyclops has gained new fans

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This event seemed to do the one thing I think Marvel has wanted deep down all along and that is help Cyke gain some fans. There are some of us that have been loyal Cyke followers since the 90s and earlier, but he was just never the popular guy when compared to characters like Wolverine. Now I could be completely wrong here, and maybe marvel doesnt want Cyke on the same level as their most popular but I have noticed a big increase in admiration from fans on this site. Now I personally believe Cyke has been a bad man since basically taking the reigns of the mutant race after "No more mutants" was uttered. Watching him re-establish the X-men in Astonishing and defeat opponents that were far more powerful like Osborn's avengers with strategy the way he did was as impressive as if he physically did it. If you didn't believe he was an interesting character, or didn't care for his personality before but find him to be a badass now after I Cyke fan I can accept this newly found change.

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I totally agree, although I'm kind of worried that for as many people that have started to like cyclops, just as many have changed their opinion and hate him now. Hopefully that is not the case. I am and always have been a huge cyclops fan, i just think he is a huge bad ass and love the battle with Osborn's avengers. Shows how he really can be a great leader. Go Cyclops!

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Cyclops sucks he will always be the douche in the X-Men that no one really likes.

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Although AvX pushed me into an area of hating him I'm still a fan.

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I've always liked Cyclops. AvX has just pushed him that step further to make him my current favourite character.

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@John Valentine: haha exactly how i feel! this event has just cemented him as my favorite character too.

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@captkangaroo727 said:

@John Valentine: haha exactly how i feel! this event has just cemented him as my favorite character too.


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AvX did not really bring him many new fans, it just made him more prominent to fans outside of just the X-titles. He was shown in far from a flattering light for the most part so I think what comes next will be what brings him a significant number of new fans now that people are really watching.

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Cyke is the man!

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I agree. at the edn I ended up hating captain america even more

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I have always respected and understood the need for a cyclops like character, even on some terms related to him (being the oldest child with a single mother and feeling responsible for things, not allowing myself to do 'fun' things because i had to work ect ect) still he was never my favorite too many people Like bishop, Cable, Gambit ect. Still since No More Mutants happened and he has slowly become my favorite character in the X universe, right now IMO he is a Cash Cow (because yes he has garnished alot more attention and seemed to gathered plenty of new fans) and if marvel milks him right he could be the face of the X universe they always wanted him to be, sadly however it think they are going to bury him as some sociopath evil guy and try to push Wolverine as the leader of the X men

Also i always considered myself a semi fan of Captain America, i never read his comic or even many avengers but in Cross overs and movies i enjoyed his character, i now hate him. Good Job Marvel!

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I'm extatic cyke is getting so much positive feedback! I don't understand the reasoning that people find him to be a "douche". What makes him a douche? He manned up to ensure the safety of his near extinct race using stern leadership and some serious strategic power plays. Not only did he use the Phoenix force to save his race he did his best to help all mankind! Sorry that's not a douche. That's called a hero. Are the avengers supposed to be the heroes? Because the kidnapped hope and pushed Scott to the dark Phoenix? That's their own fault. And as for Xavier. Good riddance. He's been beyond manipulative for as long a I can remember. He's sacrificed students before. I mean he kind of had it coming. Maybe next time don't poke the primal bird of fire with a stick. Scott does what he has to do to make things right. Yeah that's a badass.

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I hated him so much SO SO SO SO MUCH.... but after issue 12 I felt bad for him (Why I have to be so comprehensive?!?) now I don't hate him THAT much I just dislike him badly

#15 Posted by Imperius_Rex (452 posts) - - Show Bio

And he took full responsibility! For everything! Wanda wiped out nearly ant entire race! But it's cool she's just crazy. Logan has killed so many freaking people it's unreal! But it's cool he's a feral midget with memory loss. So it's cool. Crimes absolved

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I never really liked cyclops that much before but after AvX he is in my top ten comic book characters, easily.

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Before AvX, I despised him. Now I just want him to kick the Avenger's a$$es. I am now Team Cyclops. I have been converted.

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@John Valentine said:

I've always liked Cyclops. AvX has just pushed him that step further to make him my current favourite character.

#19 Posted by AgeofHurricane (7306 posts) - - Show Bio

@Madame_Mist said:

Before AvX, I despised him. Now I just want him to kick the Avenger's a$$es. I am now Team Cyclops. I have been converted.

Pretty much this. I sort of loathed Cyclops, generally, before AvX, but now ? It's quite the contrary.

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cyclops pretty much got the raw end of the deal in AVX. I still think hes a douche but he doesn't deserve being jailed least of all being looked down upon by wolverine of all people.and im having a hard time understanding the consequences line one team wins everyone loses.the only person who lost that wasnt a mutant was T'challa considering Wakanda got smashed and thor who pretty much jobbed to every member of the phoenix 5.

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@CODYSF said:

Cyclops sucks he will always be the douche in the X-Men that no one really likes.

i'm going with this loool

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Kids, kids...

Cyclops is and will always be the premiere X-Man. He is a born leader. Even without his substantial powers, his fighting skills are said to rival that of Captain America. Just because he has been written POORLY in the past 7 years or so doesn't mean he won't come back to the awesome character he was for 40 years before that.

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For me Cyke is always going to be the ultimate badass. Sure he can be cold and a douche at times, but that's what makes his character all the more interesting. He cares about the mutant race deeply and he would do anything to protect it. That means he becomes a grey character, then so be it. I think he definitely got the raw end of the deal in AvX but despite that he still came out looking like a badass. His scene with Wolverine in prison was so supercool as he almost got Wolverine to kill him without starting an argument.

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not a marvel a few xmen comics with cyclops teaming up with magneto,emma and storm(dont know which series) and watched xmen evolution and xmen movies.i always hated him for being too whiny and by the book type of dude but this changed my mind....seeing captain america admit that cyclops was somewhat right and cyclops going like he won in the end....WHAT A BOSS!!!though i havent read avx consequences so dont know if any new developments...

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I'm not condoning violence, but I kind of liked to see Rogue deck Scarlet Witch when Wanda basically came off as a psychopath in The Uncanny Avengers.

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