Starting to read Uncanny X-Men

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so i have been thinking about getting into Uncanny X-Men for a while now, but I don't really know where to jump in. the series is like 3 decades old at this point or something so i cant really go back and read all of it, but i am will to read a couple hundred issues to catch-up. any suggestions on where to start from??

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That's a hard one...  There are so many X-Men titles, and they're all tied together with many different story lines.  So, where to jump in depends on what other X-Men titles you're reading... But, Off the top of my head, I'm thinking around issue 460...  That is before M-day, the Vulcan war, Messiah complex, Necrosha, Nation X, and Generation Hope.  I 'think' if you start around 460 you'll be able to follow the important stories of the last 5 to 7 years or so...

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I say start reading from issue 444

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@ageofhurricane What makes you say 444, specifically?

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You can really jump in now. I started reading Uncanny with issue 535, and i only have basic knowledge of the characters.
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@pinchworm: 444 mainly because it kicks of the new era of X-Men hence why it was titled as "The New Age", its kind of like a .1 issue except it doesn't give a big introduction as to where the Story is heading or where it came from, 444 brings in a new team of X-Men as well as some new faces, it also kick started Claremonts second run (which didnt last that long) as well as some neat story-arcs and IMO? he's a good writer (maybe a little too wordy?) so you'll be sure to enjoy it.
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k, so i have read up to 460. some people got back from the Savage Lands and a lot of stuff happened, like Wolverine going rogue. did this stuff happen in other X-Men books or it just kinda happened (if anyone knows)

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I think Pinchworm is right... I checked it out today because someone asked this on another thread...  Uncanny X-Men 444 is a good place to start.. It's right after a major event (Xorn) and has a lot of the X-Men back together...  I also recommend that you read New X-Men vol 2 which started about the same time...  It has only 46 issues and then it becomes X-Men Legacy #208... 

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i started at the extremist story line, but stopped at issue #499 becasue their were so many X-titles i felt like their was too much going on but got a lend of some of my friends stuff and now i'm catching up, recently picked up lovelorn and probably get sisterhood in the next day or two

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@Timandm: Dont you mean AgeofHurricane? -_- lol
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@AgeofHurricane: In the words of Homer, "DOH!!!"   LOL... Yes, I meant AgeofHurricane

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