Starting an X-Men podcast and need some advice

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I'm planning a podcast with a friend of mine about the X-Men but with a little twist on most other such podcasts. We want to take a look at the X-Men from a chronological view in order to provide people with a history of the X-Men. If you want to read the current X-Men stuff but you don't know what is going on you'd theoretically go listen to our show from episode one and get a sort of X-Men history class. Here is my problem though. The reading order I'm going by includes pretty much every single X-Men related issue ever published and is 5000+ issues and growing. That's honestly really too much to cover and even though I'm really only familiar with realistically at most 10% of the X-Men stories out there I know not every single issue is ultimately important. I just don't know what to throw out. So, here is my question, what stories would you include to educate those wanting to know about the X-Men's past? We'll obviously have the big core series but what about all the limited series and one shots and hell, what about Dazzler? Is that 42 issue run at all important or relevant any more? What are the must read stories that most people wouldn't think of picking up?

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Must reads for you are

Age of Apiocalypse

Fatal Attactions

Phoenix saga

Dark Phoenix Saga

X-Tinction Agenda

By the way I still read all of Dazzler since she was to do with the X-Men. But quite a lot of the series is with the general marvel universe rather than just X-Men. I only recommend it for the die hard X-Men fans. If it is for someone who is interested or somewhat of a fan I wouldn't really read it.

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The Uncanny X Cast on i tunes is doing the same thing.

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The Uncanny X-Cast is sort of doing the same thing but the difference seems to be that it's not their primary focus. We aren't going to be looking at any of the current X-Men stuff until we get caught up to that. We want more of an audible X-Men history book so to speak. Similar but different.

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