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Pretty basic question here that Im sure has been answered multiple times but I've tried researching this on google etc and have no idea where to begin reading the X-men comics, its so confusing. Could someone clarify pls?

To be more clear I have tried to read Uncanny X-men #94 onwards but I find them quite dull to be honest (after several issues). I read in many places that I should read the Dark Phoenix Saga so I guess thats where Ill go next.

The more modern comics seem much more interesting but I don't really get any of the back stories and references so... Is there a list somewhere of the essential story arcs (preferably the most interesting ones) for the Uncanny X-men in chronological order? As well as how they tie in with other major titles maybe (it seems like there are dozens)? So I can skip pointless one off issues that go nowhere

Any help is appreciated.

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Uncanny X-Force 1 - present is extremely good, which is why im highlighting that first. Most of it is quite self-contained.

If you want to jump on to the current AvX title, all you need is 4 good trade paperbacks.

House of M, Messiah Complex, Messiah War, Second Coming.

Schism and Regenesis are mediocre/bad, but it gives a bit more information on current events (both after Second Coming), but the first four TPBs mentioned are actually good and more important I guess.

Once you have read Second Coming (or Regenesis), feel free to walk in and pick up Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine and the X-Men from #1, AvX VS and Avengers vs X-Men.

On a side note, Peter David's X-Factor is pretty good, you can start reading from as far back as #1 to #50, and then it continues at #200 to present, but if you're keen, start from #224.1 to present.

Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past, Mutant Massacre, Fall of the Mutants are all classics, but because the comics are pretty old school, there is a lot more talking.

But honestly, if you want a complete history of the X-Men, the black and white Essential X-Men trades are the way to go.

Any questions, ask ahead! Comic Vine literally gets a post like this every other month, especially for X-Men since there are so many titles.

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*Oh, and Whedon's (Mr Director of the Avengers) Astonishing X-Men run #1 - #24 is brilliant.

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Cool, that helps

Is there a decent timeline somewhere? So that I can read from the beginning (start dark phoenix) and pick out the best ones from there and go in chronological order. Also I find the many different spinoffs confusing and dont really know where they begin etc. Also, some stuff was brought out recently that is a follow on to old stuff? Does Marvel do prequels/sequels way after other stories have happened or is it all one singular continuity?

Its not so much that I dont like the talking in the old ones, thats fine. Its more that I find them really cheesy and the dialogue doesnt really run very deep (if that makes sense), but then I havent read the supposedly really good ones (like Dark Phoenix).

This is all from the perspective of reading the batman comics where the stories are very deep and character driven and someone actually went and catalogued the in-world chronological order of events starting at year one (which isnt the same as publication order) so its quite easy to get into. Im enjoying them very much but I wish I could get into xmen as easily particularly because I really like the complex, sci fi storylines and I used to like the 90s cartoons when I was a kid.

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