So what are they going to do with three Redheads

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Jean back next month and X-Men still have Rachel and Hope.

Marvel Girl #1
Rachel Grey by J Fay & D St. Pierre
Generation Hope 15

What do you think there going to do with these girls and what would you like them to with these girls?

Share your views ?

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Would've liked to see Rachael on the Avengers

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I would like Hope to be with Cable when he returns. I would like Jean and Rachel at the School. The daughter will be teaching the Mum, it would be so wierd. I'm still wondering what they going to do with all three of them.

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Red-X: Three of the most powerful (well, this will be pre-Phoenix Jean and a depowered Phoenix Rachel) carrot-top mutants!

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You forgot wolfsbane.

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Get rid of Rachel and you're down to two. You know Jean won't stay forever. Boom! You're down to one.

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Stick Rachel on Cable & X-force. It'd be glorious. She and Colossus could do some squat thrusts. *Elbows everyone in room.* Know what I'm sayin'?

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teen jean with teen hope thats confusing they both look alike ...xpp

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

Would've liked to see Rachael on the Avengers

I totally agree, I doubt it was going to happen but nope.

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@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE said:

teen jean with teen hope thats confusing they both look alike ...xpp

Jeez that's depressing but you're right- except when in costume, a lot of comic book professionals are going to be too lazy to really do anything to (visually) differentiate between these two characters.  Let's face it, women are not really valued in the comic book medium as characters (nor are women professionals in this industry)  :(
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It would be interesting to see jean and rachel interact with each other. As for Hope, I wish Jean would come and put Hope in her place.

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I'll take one off their hands..

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Be even more awesome? Redheads FTW.


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