Should they really limit the number of characters and titles

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Should they really limit the number of characters & titles in the X-Men world and if they do will comics get better?

There are to many poorly written stories and not no enough characters being explore. So should marvel limit the number o of characters and titles in the X-Men world. Please vote yes or no and please tells us if comics will get better if they do.

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I really want to agree with this, but it is so hard to remove titles like X-Force, and apparently Generation Hope is actually starting to go somewhere.

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Yes and Yes
Look back when X-men was a top selling book...THE top selling book, there was not as many characters
I think they just need better organization, X-men writers have always been able to balance several titles at once...they just have too many titles now...mainly due to......Too many characters!

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I think they just need better organization....and writers....I love the books now but would love them to be more in synch....and i would even say add another book or two. :)

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Not really a yes or no answer to me. Can't really put a genie back in the bottle if its been eating at KFC for a few hundred years. Uncanny X-Men limited its roster for a few years to essentially just Cyclops and Emma, and looks how amazing that was. So amazing I wanted to stab my face with a hot toaster. So there are simply too many fan favorite and good characters to just have one or two books, and chances are the best new ones and best writers will lose out in favor of Matt Fraction and Gary and Mary Sue Lou. So good writers can over come large cast size and good editors can overcome large amount of titles, and now if only if us reader's can respond in to the good books. Limiting can work, it its a good writer and editor all the same. So back to square one.

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please don't critiize me or anything becasue I don't claim to know anything about Marvel, but isn't whole X-men franchise about evolving? How can they evolve unless they create new characters and more titles?

just a question I have to ask...

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I don't think that they should limit the number of characters and titles because I think it's all in the writing. Lately, the writing has been terrible and I think its because many writers now don't know how to balance so many characters in one story. I think the best solution is to have the writers sort of rotate the cast around so that way, everyone will have a chance to shine and it wouldn't feel like the same people are taking the lead in every title.

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I would say no to limiting he number of titles just because we would be stuck with 3 or 4 titles with Wolverine in every book and I am getting a tired of seeing him in almot every X-Men book.

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I think that why the X-Men were such a hit back in the 80s and 90s were because of they're set teams and straight-forward storylines!! I think that the X-Men have taken a huge turn ever since Messiah Complex!! They became a huge army and little development of anything and anybody has happen since before Messiah Complex!! I think now we're transitioning back into what worked before!!

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