Should i read the Xmen New age volumes?

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With the help of a few of you on the forum I have been able to compile an awesome collection of uncanny xmen comics to get me up to date. I did want to ask though should I get into the New Age volumes (Vol. 1- End of History -Vol. 2 Cruelest Cut- Vol.3 On ice- Vol. 4 End of Greys- Vol. 5 First foursaken ).

I just wondered do they add something to the major storylines and also where do they fit in.Where do I need to pick up reading them? Like is it around the same time as Grant Morrison's new xmen, or is it before or after House of M?

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The whole tenure is the spiritual continuation of X-Treme X-Men from 01, which, as much as i liked it--isn't exactly something you'll need to invest in.

Considering the New Age arc brought back Claremont, Uncanny at the time wasn't the flagship title, so no, it didn't exactly add that much to major-storyline as opposed to Astonishing X-Men, which was the flagship. If you're a fan of: Storm, Bishop, Cannonball, Nightcrawler, Rachel Grey, Sage, Psylocke, X-23, Wolverine and some generic villains, then you'll like it, not to mention, Claremont was writing, so great characterization/development is a given, but it's not exactly 'wow'y. Vols 1, 2, and 3 are all before HoM, Vols 4 and 5 are after. The whole volume/story is after Grant Morrison's run of New X-Men.

BTW - i think you'll love End of Greys, it's one of the better story-arcs from Claremont's final run.

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some of it is pretty good (end of greys, end of history) and some is so-so, but overall its worth getting. if i remember correctly, vol 1 - 3 happen before house of m, thrn there's a house of m tie in volume and then vol 4 - 5 happen after hom.

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If you wished that Nightcrawler, Rachel, and Alan Davis had stayed on X-men after the Mutant Massacre (which you would be totally right to do), then you may enjoy this. It's got some old school X-flavour, but really not essential. But fun.

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Nah, buy X-Men: First Class instead.

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