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the marvel universe is known for bringing back the dead. out of anyone who is currently dead in the x-men universe who would you bring back and why. they can be from any x-related title (exiles, x-factor, x-static, etc.)

i will start.

i would bring back kwannon. i think she didnt have a long enough run, and i would have liked to know her better. it would be awesome to bring her back now, especially with the x-men thinking psylocke is missing. it would bring a big suprise. plus i want to see some more psychics up in the mix (other then emma or rachel)...

i also really really really want banshee back. BUT he just died and i dont think they would use him. he can stay dead for a while...

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i spelled resurrect wrong. oops.

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I dont know which ones they where but the Stepford sister that are dead I would want back.

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Gambler says:

"I dont know which ones they where but the Stepford sister that are dead I would want back."

So I could hoop up with them lol.

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I would bring back Thunderbird. I want to see how they would do his powers and personality.

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no one else?

to add another to the list, i would bring back one of the deadly genesis girls. i think sway over petra. there has not been an x-man on the team with very similar powers, and i think she could be awesome. so if not kwannon...


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don't really know

who is dead?

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dead right now...

all x-static, except for lacuna. (good, in my opinion)











possibly cable.

possibly cecilla reyes.




possibly omerta. (Paul Provenzano)

rusty collins.


feral. (recently killed by sabertooth)







sophie cuckoo.

esme cuckoo.



41 x-students killed of blowup bus by stryker.

many alpha flight members.


namora. (exiles)

mimic. (exiles)

magnus. (exiles)

magik. (exiles)

holocaust. (exiles)

sunfire. (exiles)

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I'd like to see something about Thunderbird, but bringing him back would be really stupid. I guess I'd pick Maggot.

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i'd like to bring back quill or icarus

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i'd bring x-man back cause he's so powerful and i wouldn't bring back x-man cause he's so powerful

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I'd bring back all the dead of generation X: Mondo,Synch,Skin. Samoan,Black and Latino. Musta been easy for Marvel to kill'em.

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Icarus, Wither, Sophie Cuckoo...I'd like to say Magik but she's already resurrected

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why does everyone like maggot? i know the character, but what is so attractive about him? i am just wondering because i haven't really gotten to know him...

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I'd like to see Sway come back. She had some pretty cool powers.

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Constantine says:

"don't really knowwho is dead?"

go to my top contrib that will tell you

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I'd like to see Xorn back in the X books again. His character was pretty good untill that whole fake magneto/xorn crap I liked the idea of an X-Man learning the ways of the world and adjusting to a not so friendly world. They really should bring him back

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Agent Zero- I was always a fan of maverick but when he became agent zero the possibilities where very high but I think the did not use him to his full potential.   THey should have used him to kill off wolvie once and for all

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I would bring back Synch, Bedlam and Risque.

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-REVANCHE- DUDE i think she died wayyyyyyyy to soon and had a realllllllly good storyline! I feel like her tale was told and she just died two seconds later! They should bring her back, i mean hey if Psylocke died and came back  I can c her coming back 2, and making an awesome storyline!!!!!!!!!!!)

-THUNDERBIRD- He was pretty cool and i really want to know more about him!!!!!!!

-CYPHER- he was soo cool yet innocent! I miss him soo much :(

-Cecilia (weather or not she's dead)- She needs to come back! having her in the x series was cool! loved her attitude and powers!

-Icarus- is sooo cool! I miss him :/

-Synch- I MISS HIMMMMMMMMMMMMM! come back!

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Icarus as Archangel, Angel as Angel.

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