Recommend X-Men Stories?

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The X-Men have been around for years and have been coming out with a NUMBER OF BOOKS. That being a case, there has been a number of X-Men stories released over the years. So far out of all the X-Men stories I read a number of X-men Stories. I have read Second Coming, RIck Remender's run on Uncanny X-Force up to issue 24 (Only because I just bought the trades/Hardcovers), the Curse of Mutants, Wolverine: Origin, and Magneto Testament. I've been wondering what other older or more recent stories have been good reads. If anyone can think of any or put any down, that be awesome.

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Some big ones I love are

The Dark Phoenix Saga

Mutant Massacre

Fatal Attractions

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@saoakden: the ones recommended are all solid (Dark Phoenix especially). For recent stories Messiah Complex (superb) and Messiah War (pretty good) are recommended and precede Second Coming. Nation X and Utopia are also pretty good. Older stories are X-cutioner's Song, Days of Future Past, Age of Apocalypse.

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@Blood1991: I have heard those stories were really popular back in the day. I'll be sure to read them when ever I can.

@blazinasian112: I've been wanting to read Messiah Complex for a long time now. I read Second Coming first because it was really cheap on amazon and I got a really good deal out of it. I'll be sure to read the other stories when ever I buy them.

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