Overwhelming amount of x-men comics. Clueless as where to start.

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I've googled where to start with the X-men comics and each link gives me different recommendations. Their are so many. I just want to get a good history of the X-men without going back to the 60's, then work my way up to the latest stuff. I would rather buy the big omnibus books if possible as it just seems a lot less hassle.



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If you want to read some classic X-men stories then you should definitely pick up Chris Claremont's run on X-men, it's available in an omnibus book. If you want to start at something more modern then try out the newly released omnibus of Grant Morrison's New X-men; this will lead you in nicely to Joss Whedon's Astonshing X-men (quite possibly the best X-stories ever) also available in a reasonably priced omnibus.

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@MrArrogant: Thanks. What's the omnibus titled?

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@MrArrogant: For me, you just start with Giant-Sized X-men #1.

you don't need to start from the 60's.

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Gen Hope is a fairly good summary of the last five years. And a great read.

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That Astonishing X-men omnibus is really expensive, and hopefully you experience the love that everyone else experienced on Whedon's run It went downhill after the first arc. I would recommend Claremont's run, and Grant Morrison great stuff there.

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