Out of these X-Men characters, who do you think is X-Men best female character

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I say Rogue she has been my favorite since I was a kid.

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Rogue will always be my favourite X-Lady. Tough choice though, Jean my second choice and Psylocke is my third favourite X-lady.

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there is a reason it was called pryde of the x-men.

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Wolverine & The X-Men
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Mine always be Magik

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If the question was favorite, I'd have gone with Kitty. But since the question was "best" I think of "most valuable," and thanks to the X-Men film franchise I'd say that's Mystique.

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Really tough between X-23, Kitty and Rogue. Um...screw it, Kitty Pryde

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Jean Grey

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Psylocke....I don't know exactly why, but I just like her.

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And by Psylocke, I mean Remender. Otherwise I would have gone Morrison Emma. I've always loved Rogue, but she's just been written so poorly for a while now.

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Morrison's version of Jean Grey is my favorite. he managed to juggle a character that was involved in a highly unnecessary, long-running love triangle with the need for her own personality, strengths and grey moments in a masterful way to come up with a character that stands out the most clearly of all the X-women. An added bonus was that her powers enabled her to develop aspects of her character even before Morrison that typically go unexplored due to the fact that she could read minds and interact using her thoughts.

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Emma Frost is the best. She's the X-Men's diamond

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Jean ever since her "death's" the X men have lost there heart.

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@time: What? no Moonstar!!??

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Storm is my favorite X-Man.

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Rogue. Tough, strong, sassy, yet sensitive and flawed. Plus that accent. And she can give quite a beat-down when she has to.

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Whoa! Psylcoke is currently leading and beating the x-female trinity Storm, Jean and Rogue. : )

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Looks like Storm is now.

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I go with Storm. That's my girl, but my second would be a toss up between Jean and Rogue. Third would be Psylocke.

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Jean, Mystique, storm, and Kitty are my favorite.

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I created a voting one for the X-Men couples, but I posted it on the wrong forum by accident. You can find it on off-topic forum. So I hope people vote on that too.

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So Storm is X-Men best lady. OK

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@time said:

So Storm is X-Men best lady. OK

i love that statement but I prefer saying the x-women are the best ladies in comics, especially Phoenix, Rogue and Storm. : )

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psylocke has always been my fave x-woman

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 @jhazzroucher said:

@time said:

So Storm is X-Men best lady. OK

i love that statement but I prefer saying the x-women are the best ladies in comics, especially Phoenix, Rogue and Storm. : )

I think it's between Storm and Jean Grey. No surprise there. I hope more people vote. 

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Of the A-Listers I would rank it:

1. Kitty Pryde (solid antagonist and narrator for the X-Men)

2. Storm (great, groundbreaking character with tremendous history with a bit of an antiquated take on an African-American female IMO; sorely in need of a reinvention)

3. Mystique (although I wished Aaron's overly psychopathic b would've blended with Carey's overly-sympathetic manipulator, she's one of the X-Men's most exciting villains)

4. Rogue (melodramatic, pathos-filled tragic heroine whose character arc the past couple decades is reminiscent of a Disney Princess)

4. Emma Frost (down several spots due to the past several years in stories of patriarchy, she was once a bright and unique character among the X-Men)

5. Jean Grey (great character with too much convoluted story aspects, which are not limited to countless deaths and resurrections, the back-and-forth Phoenix-related retcons, and general overemphasis on her romance with Cyclops; this bird has been cooked overdone)

6. Psylocke (antiquatedly racist and sexist caricature that brings forth not only the worst of the 90's, but of comic books in general)

Of the up-and-comers:

1. Marvel Girl (her characterization is all over the place, her history is messy (although unlike her mother's, its easily and often ignored), but has been a striking, young, layered, yet still fresh character in Wolverine and the X-Men)

2. M (lacks the pathos and has suffered from one of the weaker (and occasionally obnoxious) character arcs in X-Factor, Monet still holds the honor of slowly being built from the ground up through witty exchanges, a bold and brash personality, and memorable relationships with any character she comes across. If only her mutant "perfection" or SOMETHING can help her crack the top spot)

3. Magik (last minute insert, will add comments later)

4. Boom Boom (could probably never be any more than a supporting character, but she's hilarious, a visual, and has a thorough but not overdone history that lays the ground work for her future)

5. Surge (I honestly find her visually obnoxious, but can see her hanging with the big dogs)

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Wolverine. He's the best at everything and is all things to all people.

Okay, okay, Domino.

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Jean Jean Jean

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