New to marvel need suggestions for reading

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im new to marvel and i really wanna know where i can start with x-men without having to go all the way back to the begining cuz i dont time nor the cash for that i got lucky with dc comics they jus rebooted so i knew where to start out any info would be greatly appreciated

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If you want to really fast track it, I would suggest reading Whedon & Cassaday's brilliant run on Astonishing X-men (from 2004, issues 1-24 +Giant Size #1). It's a great place for beginners to start, and arguably one of the best X-men runs ever.

Story-wise, a lot has happened to the X-men since that run ended, but most of what has changed becomes fairly self evident if you just go from there and skip strait into All New X-men, which only has six issues out so far, and seems to be trying to be accessible to new readers. Although, a good primer for this series (and a decent story in it's own right) is the AvsX:Consiquences mini series, which examines the fallout of last year's big mega crossover.

I'd also want to recommend the relaunch of (adjective-less) X-men that's starting in a few months, though, obviously I haven't read it. But it's going to be about Storm's X-men and has both an all-star cast and a great creative team.

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@BlurredVisionz: oh boy....

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sweet ty finally some one decided to answer my thread this was a huge huge help cuz currently im limited to dc cuz they just rebooted so i got lucky and i knew where to start out but with marvel its a bit more complicated lol

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@BlurredVisionz:hahaha! it's way more complicated, actually, but it doesn't have to be. Almost nobody starts right from the beginning anyway.

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I would watch the 90's X-Men cartoon. It's streaming on Netflix. It will give you some idea who the characters are, and some of the history of the x-men. I'll be honest though, that cartoon doesn't hold up well over time, but that the cheapest thing I can think of. You can always wiki it if you have questions.

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i used avidly watch the cartoon as a kid so im a fan in that aspect for the most partt i know my xmen just not the comic xmen lol

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also while were at it i won a auction for the whole astonishing line plus both giant size from 2004 and current up to date all new xmen are there any older runs i should check out while im at it money isnt a issue

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@BlurredVisionz: in that case, I'd suggest the original series, from, say Days of Future Past (#141 & 142) to the end of the Mutant Massacre (#210-213); That's basically Kitty's original tenure, and really highlights when and how the X-men first got really good. it's about as classic as you'll find.

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sweet ty im up to date on all my dc reading in the new 52 so i ran out of stuff to read so now its time to delve into some marvel ty all again for all the advice much appreciated

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not wanna try Marvels "reboot" with the Marvel NOW! runs? It's not quite like the New 52, since all Marvel history still applies, but all the arcs have kicked off at the same time and are running pretty much parallel to each other.

For example: All-New X-Men is great to follow, and due to the fact that the O5 in it know nothing of the X-Men's history, the past is usually explained quite clearly whenever it's brought up.

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yea i think ima just read the marvel now lines after i finish astonishing xmen

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so i was thinking of reading astonishing 2004 plus the giant sizes then going to prelude to schism schism then the schism epilogue then all new xmen and wolverine and the x-men at the same time

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@BlurredVisionz: All New x-men and Watx are both really good. You probably need to read Avengers Vs X-men to understand All New x-men fully, because a lot carries over into it.

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@BlurredVisionz: @kingjoeg said:

@BlurredVisionz: All New x-men and Watx are both really good. You probably need to read Avengers Vs X-men to understand All New x-men fully, because a lot carries over into it.

or you could just read the AvsX: Consequences mini; it's kinda better.

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@BlurredVisionz: Welllll, here's a short (heh) list of things that I think will help you get up to speed with the MU. These are in the best chronological order as possible coming from the top of my head. The X-Men related ones are bolded and underlined.

  • Avengers Volume 1
  • Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle
  • Giant Size X-Men #1
  • Secret Wars. Secret Wars 2
  • Days of Future Past
  • Thanos Quest, Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War
  • Spiderman: Clone Saga
  • Heroes Reborn (optional)
  • New X-Men (2001 Grant Morrison)
  • Civil War
  • Spider-Man: One More Day, Brand New Day
  • House of M, Decimation
  • Messiah Complex, Messiah War, Second Coming
  • Schism
  • Avengers Vs X-Men
  • Anything from Marvel NOW!

Good luck and happy readings!

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Just read all the Marvel NOW books. They just started them with the purpose of being a good starting point for people like you.

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I recently took the plunge as well. It's definitely worth checking out morrisions new x men as well. it leads straight into whedons runs and you can buy all the collectionson amazon pretty cheaply. Then I also read house of m, messiah complex and second coming ( still got schism sitting on the shelf) which are all pretty fun - read AvX through my brother who bought the omnibus and its not really worth the money. Now I'm subbed to most of the marvel now titles and through my reading I don't have that many holes considering I've read most of the major events since 2000 ( and a whole load of avengers stuff, as my bros a fan) Uncanny x- force is damn cool, and easy to get hold of as well as being reasonably self contained. It ties in relatively simply to the end of second coming and is good if you have time and money and want to check out more. Out of main continuity Age of X is really enticing read for a short run. Ultimate x men is well worth checking out too, I bought the first few ultimate collections on amazon and enjoyed all of them. If you can stomach 90's x men ( like the cartoons and my childhood memories) the age of apocalypse is awesome. The omnibus is a little pricey but its 100% awesome.

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