New New New Mutants?

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this is pretty much based on feedback from my previous thread, Wolverine & the X-men: how would you fix it?

My question now is, what characters would you most like to see focused on in a student themed X-book of your own design?

let's say around 8-12 characters, for better focus. what would they do? oh, and who would you pick for teachers?

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The Eye Kid. His mutation is kind of gross, but his ability to see things that others can't is somewhat interesting, and I also find him kind of funny. Quentin, Blindfold, Dust, even if they're not that new anymore, I still want to read more about them.

And the rest I don't really care that much.

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You blow up the school! split the kids up in two or three groups, and get the Purifiers to chase them around all over america, and try to kill them. You got to kill one, or two of the crappy ones, Like the Generation hope kids. No one is going to do anything with them. 

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Keep Rockslide, Blindfold, and Shark Girl. Ditch the rest. Maybe keep Trance for the sideline Mean Girl comments.

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Quentin Quire

The Remaining Cuckoos




You know, pretty much all the former X-students pre M-Day and the Five Lights. If you bring in the Five Lights, then it wouldn't hurt to see Hope back into the fray -- I never enjoyed her character but having her fade away after so much focus would be annoying. Seeing her in a different "light" (heh heh) would be a great opportunity willing to take her on -- no more stress of being the Messiah and constantly in battle mode. Plus the whole Mr. Sinister -- who is her real family -- mystery might be something worth exploring.

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Pixie if she is apart of the mix...

and the Cuckoos

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@judasnixon: yeah, I never gave a toss about Hope's book. it's kinda too bad that they haven't done anything of substance with Oya or Zero, they had potential to be cool characters. Maybe Oya will still get a chance. Who knows? Quinton made a comeback, and I don't think anyone saw that coming.

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...the more I think about it, I think I'd be interested in seeing the O5 included in an active X-men training squad, that could be assembled into smaller teams for particular missions. Most of these other characters have as much (if not more) field experience, and I think that if they are going to keep the O5 around as an active team, it'd be cool to see them develop alongside some more contemporary characters closer to their age.

Plus it seems a real shame how little they've done with some of these characters.

Actually, even without the O5, that looks like a pretty solid cast to me.. though I'd probably want to round out the cast with a few more newer characters if I was gonna go that way.. but I think, either way, I'd want to see a least a few other students who weren't in training (Glob, Indra, Gentle, the Cuckoos, etc..) as background characters, just to keep the whole school vibe going..

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