New Mutant Creation Thread!!!

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Hello and welcome!!! This kind of thing MAY have been done before, I searched and couldn't find anything like it, but here's my take on it! Anyone who has an idea for an original mutant please can share their ideas here!!

Like for mine he's Wolverine's son for one. Now before you roll your eyes, Wolverine is nearly 200 years old and given how many women he's been with in modern times this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Anyway, his name is Jimmy Monaghan, born in Ireland 1932 and raised in New York. He's called Wolfhound(After the Irish warrior Cu Cuchulain who was known as the Irish Wolfhound). He has four claws each that come from the back of his hands and four claws that come from his feet. He's also capable of transforming into weredog, looking less like a wolf and more like the real Irish Wolfhound breed. However he has werewolf tendencies, such as becoming VERY aggressive during a full moon to the point he'd attack his best friend if he looked at him wrong.

Has short reddish brown hair, mutton chops, and looks to be in his mid to late 20's. Usually has an easy going personality and is the first to try and talk his way out of a situation so as to avoid a fight. That's not to say he doesn't enjoy a good scrap though and if he's in the mood will indeed go LOOKING for a fight, though this usually happens the closer it comes to the full moon.

He also has a habit of eating mainly cold cuts or preferably raw meat.

So would he be interesting?

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Sounds good,  would his relationship with logan be good, or does he want kill him, like daken did,

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@time: Thanks!! More neutral than anything. He doesn't hate Logan, but he's not exactly yearning for a father-son relationship either.

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