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I thought it would a good idea to created a game, where you have to name a better story. So this how the game works, you name any X-Men story, that you like. Then the next person who post, names a better story and says why. Then first person has option to reply and say whether they agree or not. Then the third person that comes along, decides what story is better than them both and has a option to decide which user it right from the first two post.

I give your example

1st person who post says Matt Fraction Sisterhood

2nd person who post, says Wolverine Origins - Original Sin

3rd person who post says - Messiah Complex is better them both and I think Original Sin is better than Sisterhood, cause the writing is better.

Rules are : You can use any story from any writer, or any story from any series, even use a story from a solo series. Also the first two people have a option to debate, why they think there story is better. Then the third person decides who is right and suggest a better story. The final rule, you can only select one story per post.

I go first

Gifted- Joss Whedon

I hope people take part, I am interested to hear what people think.

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Cross-Time Caper arc from Excalibur volume one

By: Chris Claremont

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God loves Man kills

Chris Claremont

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God Loves Man Kills, although brilliantly written, did not have any impact on the X-Universe as an event. It DID set the scene and tone for mutant human relations for years to come, but nothing serious actually happened in the story.

My Pick:

Dark Phoenix Saga

Chris Claremont

This story pretty much wrote stories for the many years to come.

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Days of Future Past
by Chris Claremont
This story pretty much set the stage for future X-Men stories that dealt with apocalyptic future story lines.

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A better story then Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of the future past would be:

X-Cuitoner Song

The story had everything. Hope, sorrow, action, it was the one story where all the X-teams collided.

Who can forget Stryfe confronting Apocalypse, Cable making the ultimate sacrifice. X-Men & the X-Factor taking on the X-Force

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