My X-men reconn at end of All New X-men part 1

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its long bear with me lol.

honestly i want for somehow young jean to become the phoenix which revives the real jean(when Y.jean manifest the force it leaves her & becomes A.jean) who says that this was her plan all along but scarlet witch messed it up with the HOM which forced the phoenix to create hope. hope decides that she wants a fresh start to which she proposes that she & the lights will take the O5's place jean asks if they are sure to which they all agree but to accomplish such a move jean has to merge the O5 with their current counterparts..... they (O5) need time to think about it to which jean agrees. the O5 at first wind up leaving the school with hope & lights to just be amongst themselves so they can talk amongst themselves. mean while back at JGSHL almost everyone is furious with phoenix's(jean) choice.the only only in the room not talking is wolverine. as everyone is yelling at her she & logan are conversing on the astral plane. wolverine is pissed off saying to phoenix that she is trying to kill him. he says that she is making him crazy. that he is happy with storm & wants to be with her to which jean finally says that she is the one he's been waiting for as scott is the one was made for. wolverine asked was she sure & she said yes. back in the real world phoenix said she is doing exactly what Y.jean said she wanted to do "set things right.Cyclops says that she set things right she saved the mutant race & that he understands now the burden of the phoenix force & the destruction it can bring. emma trys to leave the room, she feels naked with jean in the room , there she was again jean always in coming out on top & emma with only her broken telepathy couldnt mount up to her. jean telepathically tells emma not to move. she tells her she must hear what she has to say. jean explains that if the O5 stay they will merge them the present O5 angel asks what will happen when they merge, jean says that it will rewrite a reality for them & scott & jean's offspring(kinda like AoX but it was basiclly like they went back to their time but keep the knowledge of the future to which they lived in that reality up until the exact time of the present O5's lives) X-man beats rachel to the punch by asking how it will effect them)him, rachel, & cable). jean says it will only effect them if they are born says that even she doesnt know what will happen if she does will happen to them when they go back that jean & scott might not get together if thats the case it wont effect the current kids but if they do get together and have kids & if they match & give them those names then they will merge & will relive their lives their exact ages too.

(as all this is goin on 3 people in the room are somehow recording the events that are unfolding. one is beast who broadcasting to the secret(illuminati) avengers team) havok who was broadcasting to the avengers, & pixie who was broadcasting to her sisters the ladys mastermind. the illuminati are all watching from their various locations with Dr. strange linking them asking what should they do beast says he thinks it would be good but he has doubts namor says it will redeem them give them a new perspective on live he is envious. black bolt & strange agree that it is up to them as the pillar of the x-men that they should be spending time with there younger selves & the lights. ironman says must also discuss with the other leading avengers, black panther says its a threat waiting to happen & that as a king he musty think of the safety of his people but will go along with the avengers say & reed wants no part of this because he is anger about how all this could effect his children 1 already a mutant & his daughter could possibly be, he personally is only thinking of protecting them. the avengers leaders capt., ironman, hulk, thor, black panther, blackwidow, & hawkeye( who all lead/train smaller groups of avengers but are the core team) decide to not get invovled but that they are on stand by as they are concerned because the scarlet witch is there as well. the ladys mastermind say that its showtime.

as all this is goin on mystique is having a hard time as she is waiting on sinister to come out of his lab. she has a flashback to days earlier where she is before sinister now in his male form, ms. sinister, & the marauders (Arclight, Blockbuster, Harpoon, Prism, and Vanisher, with Chimera still the leader as well as cloned scalphunter, ruckus, ramrod, gorgeous george, & piper& leash(savage land mutates). sinister tells her that she saved him the trouble of hunting her. raven asked sinister to let her live that she will do whatever it takes he says that if she gives her knowledge raven knows he means the destiny diaries knowledge she agrees & raven says on more condition she wants him to clone nightcrawler. he agrees & tells her give him a few days. in walks the ladys mastermind who tell raven about what pixie is broadcasting now mystique is angry because she missed her shout to get at young scott. she says its time to tighten the reigns. sabertooth is with sinister who is him that he is to keep an eye on raven as she is now in debt to him sabertooth says that he will if sinister kept up his end of the bargain to which sinister reveals clones of grizzy, wildchild, feral, thornn, & cateyse( all who were emplanted with memories with sabertooth as their father) as well as clones of kestrel & Maverick2(chris bradley) & his second in command lady deathstrike. sinister said they are groomed to sabertooths specifications. sabertooth says fine he will do what sinister asks but asks why he agreed to clone nightcrawler sinister says that the info he is looking for is worth it.

the current five spend time with their younger selves as the lights spend time with the other students. hope spends the day with cable, rachel, & nate. its decided that the O5 will let the lights take their place. as it happens the lights return to the past which creates a new reality for them where they took the place of the O5 with no memories of their previous lives hope loses her current powers & comes out with the O5's powers. she has scott's optic blast, beast's agility & intellect which she gives to primal, flight from angel but no wings, iceman's power, & jean's telepathy & telekinesis but at the levels of someone her age not at an experienced level off the bat because she thought it would be better to transfer her intellect to primal who wasnt truly capible of human thought. so she has to learn how to control her powers same as lights she is team leader. because of this the O5 never existed in this reality nor the phoenix force. they O5 & currents merge which also causes nate rachel & cable to change. they become younger(teens) rachel the oldest with mid level telepathy, telekinesis, & time manipulation(can rewind time or fast forward time up to five minutes currently cant change past moments only view them but she will in a mission get killed & her power instinctively rewinds time & she attempts to change it to which she does she can only do this under extreme duress or automatically when killed(semi immortal)), & the twins nathan & nathaniel both with mid level telepathy, cable has teleportation power, illusion casting & can create TK shields is a weapons expert same as adult cable as well as has all adult cable's training mentally imprinted into his brain (cable's weapons can only be used by him & nate as they are keyed to their power, the have no real bullets but are made of TK or telepathic energy his swords & schimitar have real hilts but blades made of energy. hilts & guns made from vibranium & adamantium, cable & x-man can only telekineticlly call these weapons. X-man has astral projection, possession a higher level of telekinesis as he cause his shaman powers carried over he can perform his normal versions TK abilities prior his original power down but only in the form of using it to fly, & power up his physical attacks & fire an energy blast from his one eye. the children upon merging meet(with their new & current selves & they can choose to truly live as the new self or with their old memories too. they all give up the former knowledge but are eventually told as they kids telepathic imprints for the replacements incase this happened. the O5 emerge semi the same & semi new. also given the choice to forget or not all choose to keep memories so everything integrated (with exception of angel).

Cyclops: looks like present scott with same costume except visor/mask he has control over his powers to point when he isnt using his powers he can can see out of normal eyes. when he wants to use his power he has to wear his visor or else his O. blast is deadly. his visor can change from original to new x shape because he can fight his normal blasts at normal powers or his new "One Shot" blast if he fires O.S he is basiclly powerless for an hour no fatigue. he and jean stayed together & raised their family amongst the x-men. which caused the kids to change too.

Beast: same new 3rd mutation look power levels but can change back to human form when he wants. prolonged stay in beast from causes him to become more animalistic.

Jean Grey: omega level telepath & telekinetic, flight, plus her phoenix fire abilites( rebirth flame can heal herself & others jean is semi immortal same as rachel to which only nature causes or old age can kill them. piercing flame weaken &/or destroy TK barriers & illusions, possessions. soul flame can leave a mark on people which jean can track & pure flame normal fire manip.). jean is also a more experienced fighter. her demeanor is tougher she is slightly more agressive kinda like AoA version

Angel: splits into two angel & archangel but archangel is spirited away upon seperation. only angel knows at first that they split as a side effect of his new powers. he retains new wings plus healing & energy blasts of pure light energy. archangel has all archangel powers not Arachangel-opalypse powers. can fir dark energy blast and drain energy from others opposed to heal them thru touch. archangel is rescued by apocalypse but he doesnt resurfaced since yet.

Iceman: can go back & forth with human & ice form can also manip. water ice clones, teleport across or along water instantaneous( a river, ocean, through pipes but not open air unless its raining or he is in clouds & can only do were its raining or thru connecting clouds( if a collected cloud mass stretches for 5 miles then has a small gap he must solidify then enter the next cloud mass). elemental immortality if body parts cut off or shot up they missing part will turn to ice melt & water will reattach to body with bullet holes water fills them turns to ice then back flesh(true immortal).

the phoenix force bids jean farwell as it returns to the white hott room. magneto, emma, & colossus are anger as to them not having their powers restored. magneto leaves he goes to free astra, exodus, & joesph to which joesph says he is staying. magneto returns to JGSHL to find everyone still obsessing over the new O5 & Summers family. emma walks up on magneto with colossus on her heels. emma asks him what he did, magneto tells the truth & says he is leaving saying that the x-men are too forgiving & that he feels that cyclops will not stay true to the revolution so he agrees to lead it to which colossus & emma join emma & magneto become involved. all of the kids that were part of cyclops team leave with magneto but before he leaves he visits xavier's grave to which he says he will atleast do one last good deed & he takes xaviers body so christopher can resurrect the professor. magneto also enlists hydroman into his team. sabertooth secretly trains with his "hounds", sinister gives mystique the nightcrawler clone but he has no soul same as orignal maddie clone but says will "complete" him upon getting info from raven. raven is contacted by magneto how proposes joining forces to which she agrees. the brotherhood now lead by magneto consists of two teams, magneto's team( himself, emma, colossus, tempus, benjamin, exodus, hydeoman, astra, & christopher) & mystique's team(herself, sabortooth, shadowking, Omega clan, ladys mastermind & pixie, the kleinstock brothers. pixie suggest using magik's soul sword to restore kurt.

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