My international X-Men team would be:

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Northstar and Aurora: Super Speed Mystic Duo Force
Sabra: Perfect Soldier with super strength and gadgets
Psylocke: Deadly Psy Ninja
Banshee: Unpredictable due her new godly powers
Storm: Absolute Best Leader
Blade: Expert in martial arts and hunt
Archangel: Enigmatic angelic powers with non-stop evolving

IF, I repeat, IF Ororo reunite a team like this, it could be a whole new roster and powerful by the own right. I know what happened to each character, so don't waste time telling me something I already know. Give advise or ideas. Thanks!!!!

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What exactly can Angel do now? How has his powerset changed since what happened to him in Uncanny X-Force?

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@Gambit1024: Due his induction of the Life Seed, he is in constant evolution that could kills him if he overuse it stated by the scientist analysis of Beast. He is developing healing powers way beyond his limitation (Ex. he revived a dog), his intelligent is vastly amplified,his flight ability is vastly amplified that interact with his new powers, projecting powerful energy blasts, and making lightforce based sword that can be controlled mentally with static shock effects. He is staggering that even Beast fear the worst because it is nothing that he had seen or studied before. In my conclusion, I believe that he will evolve to an omega level Cheyarafim mutant. I love this Archangel.

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I don't think Blade is a mutant.

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@Teerack: not a x-gene but he is a mutation , a human-vampire hybrid

@FernandoGrey: i like the team i'd trade in banshee for somebody else (maybe Loa?) but its a good team , its almost completely comprised of flyers lol

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a somewhat decent roster. color me impressed.

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I would add Dust to the roster, but otherwise I really like it.

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@SoA: Scientifically hybrids aren't considered mutations if that's what you were going for.

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@Teerack: :'(

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@Teerack: I know that Blade isn't a mutant but in several times, he helps the X-Men in many situations even apply for teaching in Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. So, I think, it's time for Blade to be added to a good team such as Storm's.

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@FernandoGrey: That's mostly because Blade hasn't been able to carry his own series in a long time so he keeps showing up in other books. He's helped the avengers a few times and has probably teamed up with Spider-man and the Punisher more then anyone or maybe Ghost Rider.... i haven't read a lot of Ghost Rider so i don't know. But regardless I do want to see the X-Men stop being racist and expand past mutants only. Warbird is a good start.

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not bad not bad

the best (in comic) international roster has to be the all new, all different X-men.

Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Sunfire, Thunderbird, and that Canadian guy that doesnt show up much

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