Mutants that need a comeback and evolved!!!!!

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  1. Nina
  2. M-twins
  3. Coy Twins
  4. Gaia
  5. Synch
  6. Adam-X
  7. Domina
  8. Tarot
  9. Elizabeth Guthier
  10. Cerise
  11. Scanner
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Synch is dead 
Cerise isn't a mutant 
Gaia wasn't a mutant
Domina wasn't a mutant
Adam - X????? No thanks  
Chamber needs a mean comeback, maybe he can hook up with Alchemy and some other guys and start a new Excalibur

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Nina wasn't a mutant either she was a mannite

#3 Posted by John Valentine (16416 posts) - - Show Bio

@FernandoGrey said:

  1. Nina
  2. M-twins
  3. Coy Twins
  4. Gaia
  5. Synch
  6. Adam-X
  7. Domina
  8. Tarot
  9. Elizabeth Guthier
  10. Cerise
  11. Scanner

Lol, no. Who even are most of the characters? (I know who they are, I was just emphasising a point).

#4 Posted by poisonfleur (3465 posts) - - Show Bio

What about Marrow and Jubilee??


#5 Posted by AgeofHurricane (7683 posts) - - Show Bio

Jubilee's receiving her comeback, but yes, where are Marrow and Heather ?

#6 Posted by judasnixon (8948 posts) - - Show Bio

The only character I miss out of the whole bunch is Cerise. I use to love her in Excalibur. I just don't know where you could stick her. Oh poor Cerise, she would be heart broken to find out that Nightcrawler is dead....

#7 Posted by poisonfleur (3465 posts) - - Show Bio

@AgeofHurricane said:

Jubilee's receiving her comeback, but yes, where are Marrow and Heather ?

Okay-- by comeback--- I mean ridding her of the this vampire powerset. lol

It's soo... twilighty... :/

#8 Posted by XsPectre28 (760 posts) - - Show Bio

cerise was a key component in excaliber & to kurt

all stats say the synch isnt confirmed dead and with his powers i bet he easily cured himself of the virus & death hell elixer was definitly on the island so who knows & elixir is still there, an omega level healer who says he cant bring people back to life now that would be raw but then he'd be too powerful yadayada but id like for a synch returned, they realized how powerful he could be & threw him in limbo only to come back as hope only synch wasnt limited to only mutant powers.

i think now that chamber & blink are both among the x-men is gonna cause some chaos i still dont understand why chamber was coming to utopia right before AoX & how he turned up regular i am they did too much with him to just really reconn him & not even bring him some spotlight. he could have just stayed in limbo if he wasnt going to used. i love chamber so im waiting, i think he could used well in a storyline.

Abyss- returns to findout about his brother being dead & wants to honor him by joining the x-men, needs an upgrade to powers thou lol.

i could see nina returning even thou she was not a mutant, i felt she should atleast have come to show respect to the x-men since she didnt make the funeral & that envolves her in the team or even scotts team.

adam x confuses me cause....... isnt he the half brother of the summers trio????? if so i think that really needs to be revisited & why havent none of the royal family's offspring adam included, challenged gladiator to the throne yet.

tarot definitely i feel she should also get a power up like she can turn her cards into creatures or items & such.

thunderbird 3- why hasnt he resurfaced he was my favorite x-treme x-man. i feel his power should have evolved on its own over the time

#9 Posted by dangallant984 (1299 posts) - - Show Bio

characters I would most like to see make an actual comeback:

these guys really deserve better roles than they've received in the last few years.

#10 Edited by Lokheit (499 posts) - - Show Bio

The complete roster from Kyle & Yost run at new x-men. Every single young mutant team since that have been utterly boring, awful and unimaginative including the "young x-men", generation hope and half of WatXM team, that last one has some members with potential, but the sum of the parts is awful.

I miss Hellion, Mercury, Elixir and co. running around. They were a great team with great individuals.

#11 Posted by McKlayn (1189 posts) - - Show Bio

From the OP's list the only one i care alot about is Synch, loved that character would love to see him back.

#12 Posted by Silver_Raven (390 posts) - - Show Bio

I would like to see a few character make a come back.

Lifeguard should come back but with out all those avian changes that she went through. I wish she could have met Namor. I think they would have hit it off.

Neal Sharra need to return to a book. Maybe not as Thunderbird but with a new code name like Flashfire. He would be such a welcome addition to any team, by bringing some much needed diversity. He is the only Indian mutant I know of. But with the population of India you would think there should be more. Especially now with the X-gene restarted. There better be more in the future.

The Acolytes should join cyclops' side, since they would fit very well on that small team and already followed him to Utopia.

Unuscione would be nice addition to the X-men and has a lot of history. She could Uncanny's psy-tank.

Random seems to go where she goes, and he always came off a nice bad guy who just need good cause. He can bring the fire power too.

Neophyte would be so cool to see again since he has never stood out before and could use a second chance on Cyclops' team.

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TOAD! Use his fighting skills from the First X-men Movie and his personality from the X-men: Evolution animated series and create an awesome and complex character that new readers can relate to.

Think about it: Toad is an awkward mutant who often doesn't have the same skill or strength as most Mutants, but his own mutant powers actually give him plenty of strength to fight against most of the B-list X-men. His only downside is that he isn't confident and isn't the brightest, so he often gets tricked or outsmarted by the others. But now Toad is back and ready to show everyone who's boss with his new Identity, the Bull-Frog! He shows his growth as a mutant and how strong he really is and creates a band of Misfit Mutants who are going to try and get the respect they deserve. Other low-rank Mutants could join him. Mutants that don't exactly measure up to the rest, mostly because they don't have any fans among the writing boards, and this means they don't get to be cool like everyone else.

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