Mutants and Politics

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If the X-Men were real, where would they fit in with the political spectrum. Assuming the time period was an era where mutant -human relations were not as 9 to 1 for murder as they were post AVX, but more a divide like Gun Control or Abortion is now a days, what would the parties positions be?

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@krspaceT: I don't really know so well for American politics (since I'm not American), but this would be just the kind of speculative fiction I'd really appreciate seeing from the X-men.

Hell, that could be a good premise for bringing back Alpha Flight, which is generally a little lacking in the premise department. Especially since, at least in the comics, Canadians don't seem to differentiate between mutants and other super heroes; that could make for a pretty interesting alternative to something like Uncanny Avengers..

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@krspaceT: Based on Marvel history or what real life permutations would occur?

@dangallant984: It would be a break from killing senators wouldnt?

#4 Posted by dangallant984 (1299 posts) - - Show Bio

@chasereis said:

@dangallant984: It would be a break from killing senators wouldnt?

could be. Could be interesting in a lot of distinct ways.

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I'll just say that most minorities seeking equality tend to be quite liberal.

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@dangallant984: Mutant Senator instead of killed by mutants senator...

@Xwraith: I was actually going libertarian myself as most mutants in modern Marvel books don't "prefer" social integration anymore but have that social "leave us the f*** alone" thing.

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Hey if a Black/Muslim/Hawaiian President can be elected for two terms... why not a mutant!!

#8 Posted by judasnixon (8396 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm pretty sure James Carville is a mutant......

#9 Posted by Brazen_Intellect (1157 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm quite sure the majority would have some level of liberal leanings, but under their unique circumstances I really do not think they would identify themselves with any major party or theme. Marvel does not delve into politics too much in the titles and as shown it looks like all parties have pretty much pissed on mutants to this day.

The level of political and social acceptance of the X-Men and mutants in general changes at a moments notice depending on the storyline and there is little to no effort to explain it.

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