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Hey guys and girls,

I'm regular comic book reader and am looking for a good jumping on point to start reading X-Force related titles, I've never read any X-Force title... Looks an interesting concept having a more black ops style branch of the X-Men... also how does it fit in continuity-wise?


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It fits in, :-p the best jumping on point would be with marvel now both Cable & X -force and Uncanny X Force are starting fresh, possibly with a new direction. If you want to read old issues everything so far in Uncanny has been great, i strongly suggest the dark Angel saga (its been a year or so ago though so may be hard to find) but yea if your wanting to jump right in it would be best i think to wait for the New Marvel now issues, both should be coming very soon :D and look to be great reads

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If you want to go back further then go for the X-force Angels and Demons tpb. It is building up to Necrosha and Second Coming and comes just after Divided We Stand. It's really cool.

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