is the generation hope stuff worth me buying and reading?

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Just wanted to ask you guys as Im catching up with all the latest stories i've come across this Generation Hope stuff ( i guess this seems to be after 2nd coming) I wanted to know should I spend money on this and read it? Is it worth it? or will a summary online just do?

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No! Save your money! The Generation hope character are just plan awful. 

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Not at all.

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@HAWK2916: Only read Uncanny X-Men by Christ Claremont and maybe Matt Fraction.

Ultimate X-Men is a good read too.

All other X-Mens can die.

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*gasp* Chuck Austen is probably one of the best X-Men writers evaaa!!!

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i bought one of the trades and read it recently and now i cant even remember like half the plot or character names, it really is forgettable. Hope is the only one worth knowing about at this point and she's only good when she's a supporting character in the other x-titles.

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