I'm a X-Men fan and want to start reading the comic books

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I'm a X-Men fan and want to start reading the comic books which one should I start with???

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Current Events:

Each of these story arcs are collected in Trade Paperbacks,

House Of M

Messiah Complex

Second Coming



Then read the ongoing Avengers Vs X-Men event.

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Good old stories : Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of futur past, God loves Man kills and Age Of Apocalypse.

More recent good stories: House of M + Decimation, Messiah CompleX + Messiah War + Second Coming (Some can argue that it suck, but i loved it)

For Schism and Regenesis, please stay away from them it is REALLY bad. Check a summary of the event only to understand what happen. Then you can check the current story of Avengers vs X-Men.

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So many trades....

If you want a quick start at trying X-Men comics buy X-Men "not Uncanny" from 30 to current. Its been good and has NO AvX tie ins. If you really want to get into the X-Men then most of the trades above are must.

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Utopia (happening between Mesiah Complex and Second Coming) is another good event to help understanding how they end up on an isle between both events. Probably even Manifest Destiny to explain how they end up in San Francisco after Mesiah Complex.

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It must be heavenly to be a new reader nowadays.

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my favorite X-men story is Dark Phoenix from 1980, expect to be surprised by it's greatness. It has all the best X-men all in classic costumes, its a gem of a story.

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Thanks guys appreciate the help! :)

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@Yamata: believe it or not the "X-men: Proteus" is an excellent story too, taking place before dark phoenix, I bought it for 9.99 randomly and it got me hooked on the older comics. It's like 18.99 reg price, slick premiere hardcover, it looks awesome on the shelf too.

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I'd also recommend Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men. My favorite X-Men run.

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X-Treme X-men started out really good, anf you don't need much to hop on - just several issues of Astonishing X-meng

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Hey guys, never read any X-Men (read other marvel and dc titles) and interested reading some. where you would be a good jumping on point so that I have a pretty decent understanding of major plot/character points?

I've heard morrisons new x-men followed astonishing is a pretty decent jumping on point for new readers. So my question is would I be lost if I jumped on at this point? and would I miss major character development and plot points? Also where would be then next step to get myself to a point where i can read some of the current X-men titles (Wolverine and the X-men etc)?

If it were you with experience and hindsight where would you start?

Cheers - any help would be much appreciated

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@AirKing: All-New X-Men launches in November by Bendis. It's supposed to be a jump on point for new readers. It's becoming the new flagship X-Men title so that would be what I would get if I was in your position.

I wouldn't go start reading X-Men right this second because it's all AvX tie ins. I might be easier to just wait till AvX finishes and start from there. If you want a really good X-Men story, you should get the trades for Uncanny X-Force. It deals with Apocalypse stuff, which is always cool. It's all self contained too, so you would only need to get one series. I haven't read Wolverine and the X-Men since I didn't like the art, it's kinda funky in my opinion so I don't know a good jump on point for that. Uncanny X-Men is also ending so, you should just ignore that or you'll have to get trades.

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Start with the Wolverine and the X men series

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Wolverine and the x-men 1, thats a good place to start on current events without having to know a lot about past continuity.

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.....Anything without Wolverine.

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u can start reading new x-men vol.1 & vol.2 ,i really enjoyed reading them. u can also read second coming & u must read Messiah Complex. if u have time, go back & read the phoenix sage ,the dark phoenix sage & days of the future past. and don't forget to read house of m. after that u can read the ongoing avengers vs x-men.

if u want to know more about the charecters ,u can gather informations from her or other wikis. i also recomand u to buy as much uncanny x-men comics as u can & if u want to know about the origins of the team u can read x-men season one (cuz reading the old x-men 60s comics isn't entertaning).

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