Ideal x-men team for marvelNOW!

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I was thinking about the x-men's lineup post avx and the lack of promo's and created a fanbased line up-




Fantomex (if he isnt dead)

Marvel Girl


Maddison Jefferies (in Box armor haha)

just wanted to know what cool lineups people would like for post avx x-men?

#2 Posted by Mr_Colossus (106 posts) - - Show Bio

You list is a pretty good list of cool characters. To alter your selection I would rather see Colossus over Namor. He's just not one of my favorites for an X-Men team. Cable would be a good leader, but really this looks more like a X-Force line up. I don't think it has to be a X-Force and could work really well. I think that adding Colossus would help give it more of an X-Men feel to it. One other alteration I would make is swapping out Marvel Girl. She's a good character, but for me she's being a bit over used in the X-Men line ups. She is the main focus of the main focus on much of the X-Men series. Not sure of someone with the amount of power she has that could replace her. Everyone I think of to replace her are either heavily used or part of X-Force. I would maybe go with Rogue or Psylocke to replace her. Just a suggestion though. Overall great selection.

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