Idea for 2nd X-Men First Class

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I have heard rumors that Magneto is involved with the Magic bullet theory with Kennedy which I think would be interesting. Aside from that I think this is what should also happen in the film.

Charles is getting new students and teaching them their powers. This new Class should include Rusty Collins, Skids, Psylocke, Rictor, and Ice Man.

Havoc and Beast have become something of a student mentors.

Seeing that this is taking place during the late 60's I think Viet Nam I think Banshee should be drafted and fight for his country. There he meets Moira who has become a doctor for the soldiers. He also meets Karma.

During one of the missions he encounters a serial killer Arkady. The two fight but are caught by a new threat. They are captured and brought into a blood sport arena lead by Mojo Admas. It is there Banshee learns that Arkady is a mutant with a healing factor and death spores. The two escape leading for Mojo to learn that mutants exist and sends his associates the Reavers to go search for mutants to use in his blood sport fights with mutants as the fights while they also go on a killing spree to lead them out.

Meanwhile Charles learns that Magneto is building up an army of mutants. It is at this point Magneto wants the Us government to give him his own country or he will send a mutant on his army to attack a major city. But the Us army has plans with ex-Hellfire club member Donald Pierce who is building the Sentinels. So with Mutant blood sports, killer robots, and Magneto getting stronger by the minute, Prof. X needs a hand. In this case he needs a field leader. This leads him to discover Scott Summers. How will Alex feel of a new student sharing leadership but also finding out more then he can handle?


Prof. X, Cyclops, Havok, Banshee, Skids, Rictor, Rusty Collins, Psylocke, Ice Man, Beast.


Magneto, Mystique, Unus, Karl Lycos, Slither, Mastermind, Lorelei, Angel, Fever Pitch.

Other Characters:

Mojo, Spiral, Longshot, Bone Breaker, Pretty Boy, Donald Pierce, Skullbuster, Arkady Rossovich, Trask, Moira

But I think a lot of time should be put into the film. Like Two Towers.

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Way too much happening in that movie 4 2 hours. Maybe if it was made into two parts.

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I would like to see the actual first class in the next first class movie

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@vicioushero said:

I would like to see the actual first class in the next first class movie

you're just gonna have to accept that the original first class is not gonna make the cut, especially after the success of "first class"

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Impossible chronology wise, 
I understand the first movie took liberties with the continuity but if you look at Beast and Mystique, Mystique was ageless and Beast, who was a kid in the film was in his 50's maybe 60 by the time of X3...along with Xavier and Magneto, ages were kind of accurate
I'm saying if X-men (first movie) took place in "the not too distant future" and came out in the year 2000, and Cyclops appeared to be in his mid-late would have to imagine Cyclops was recruited in the 90's at some point, and Iceman would be like 6 years old....If the film took place in the 60's or 70's these guys would not be born yet if your getting technical.
Other than that, there are way too many characters in the film......

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I think it was mentioned that they would introduce a new character who would be powerful enough to engage Magneto on his/her own. I am very curious to learn who this character might be. Other than that, I don't know what else the film will entail.

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They're making a second one or is this just rumours?

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