Hollywood actors who should play as X-Men in future films

#1 Posted by Kenee (12 posts) - - Show Bio

Charlize Theron - Emma Frost

Ryan Philippe/Hayden Christiansen - Angel

Mila Kunis/Evan Rachel Wood/Rachel Bilson - Shadowcat

Ai Tominaga - Psylocke

Devon Aoki - Jubilee

Anna Sophia Robb - Ilyana Rasputin/Magik

Tia Carrere - Mirage

Maggie Q - Karma

Mischa Barton - Stepford Cuckoos

Takeshi Kaneshiro - Sunfire

Alyssa Milano - Stacy X

A redhead Anne Hathaway - Marvel Girl

A green-haired Kate Beckinsale - Polaris

Thandie Newton - Cecilia Reyes

Keira Knightley - Magma

Milla Jovovich - Scarlet Witch

Carrie Underwood - Dazzler

Milo Ventimiglia - Gambit

#2 Posted by Cryo-Wolf (12343 posts) - - Show Bio

Mil Ventimiglia as Gambit!? I don't know about that, but who should play Wolf Cub? Curious...very curious...

#3 Posted by Methos (40536 posts) - - Show Bio

Jennifer Morrison as an older Shadowcat...

definitely lol


hey, welcome to the vine :D


#4 Posted by newmoon (18 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know the name,but the girl who played in (THE HITCHHIKER) 2006 movie.I think her name is Sarah Lieving...anyway I think she'd be a good X-23

#5 Posted by Heart of Infinity (1087 posts) - - Show Bio

they were hoping to get that guy from lost to play gambit the guy who plays the character Sawyer i forget his real life name

#6 Posted by Resonate (14552 posts) - - Show Bio

Just don't say Tom Cruise!

#7 Posted by zero edge (3990 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm sure there's gotta be someone better then Devon Aoki to play Psylocke

#8 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82981 posts) - - Show Bio

Heart of Infinity says:

"they were hoping to get that guy from lost to play gambit the guy who plays the character Sawyer i forget his real life name"

Yeah Sawyer is Gambit without the accent and kinetic cards.

#9 Posted by Kenee (12 posts) - - Show Bio

devon aoki plays jubilee...ai tominaga plays psylocke

#10 Posted by Methos (40536 posts) - - Show Bio


this thread is a blast from the past... posted 55 days, 4 hours, 43 minutes ago


#11 Posted by Eternal Chaos (23089 posts) - - Show Bio

I say they give Logan his his black and yellow duds and we're set. Anyway, I think that big wrestler guy from Jet Li's "Fearless" should be Apoc and The guy from the Transporter can be Cable

#12 Posted by Titan3510 (479 posts) - - Show Bio

I vote Angelina Jolie for Psylocke.

#13 Posted by Darkchild (41922 posts) - - Show Bio

i dont know why but id want Blob to be in a X-men movie but hed probebly be CGI

and id love to see and adult Pyro but have him be

oh god that pissed me off they made him a freaking american when hes an aussie

#14 Posted by Octagon Enigma (2031 posts) - - Show Bio

For X-23, I'd want Mila Kunis. Have you seen the Marvel Legends X-23 figure? Look closely at the face and tell me who you see.

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