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Hey guys, I'm fairly new to X-men, I loved the animated series as a kid and decided I wanted to read some X-men comics (I read comics regularly just not X-men).

After reading a few post on here the most common starting point for new readers, or atleast a good jumping on point, was Morrison's run on New X-Men... now I've just started reading this and I'm really enjoying it. While I'm familiar with Cyclops, Wolverine etc I was just hoping someone could fill me in on the major story lines and plot points that have happened prior to this so I dont feel lost. I may well go back and read some of the stories but for now any basic summary of prior events would be amazing just to catch me up to speed to this series. I'm struggling to find much on wiki that really just says the major events prior to New X-men

Im probably asking alot here... is all I really need to know from dark phoenix onwards? cheers

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ALOT happened before new x-men. u can read the phoenix sage & the dark phoenix, u'll enjoy them. before new x-men, the world just knew about the x-men's headquarters & thier real names etc. they brought new charecters joining the team like emma frost (wich was a villian & then become the leader of genration x) beast rejoining the team & jean grey start to move thing with her mind again & start struggeling with the phoenix force again. most of the mutants moved & lived in genoshia (mutant heaven island ruled by magneto). the peace just started between mutants & humans ,but when genoshia suffered a deadly sentenal attack ,things started to get weird again(cuz most of the mutants population died in that attach). the x-men mansion grew bigger & the students keeps increasing. anthor group called u-men ,they r people who hate mutants, they capther mutans & take away thier body parts like eyes, lips ,hands ,wings etc. the whole story of the new x-men start with the destruction of genoshia then to the whole casandra nova thing & then with the return of magneto (though he is not the real magneto). the whole phoenix thing & the shiar imparior (reading the phoenix & the dark phoenix sage will help u understand).

there r alot of other things that heppened before new x-men, but i tried to tell u the most important thing that happened before & during new x-men. i hope i helped.

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