Has your favorite X-ladies change?

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Over the last couples of years, marvel has introduce a load of new females characters to the X-Men world. I am just curious to know has your favorite X-Women change, is your list still the same or has any of the new mutants made your list.

My favorite period it comics was the 90's and This was my top 10 back then

1 Rogue

2 Jean Grey

3 Storm- It was a close call between Storm and Jean Grey.

4 Psylocke

5 Jubilee

6 Mystique

7 Domino

8 Boom Boom

9 Kitty

10 Feral

This my top 10 Now

1 Rogue

2 Jean Grey

3 Psylocke

4 Storm

5 Jubilee

6 X-23

7 Emma Frost

8 Domino

9 Mystique

10 Kitty Pryde

Rogue is still my favorite X-Woman. My list has change quite a bit. What about yours? Has your list change and if so Why? Post pictures if you want.

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Top 10 before

1. Ororo Munroe aka Storm - love her in the x-men animated series

2. Rogue - she and Storm were awesome in the animated series

3. Jubilee - she made the series realistic and funny

4. Jean Grey - awesome power of the Phoenix!

5. Psylocke - she looks sexy and Asian

6. Domino - i like her appearance

7. Polaris - i like her green hair

8. Cerise - she looked beautiful in the series 1 trading card

9. Boomer - i like her powers

10. Saturnyne - she is beautiful

Top 10 Now

1. Storm - please give her the ability to turn into an elemental being and be officially declared as an omega level mutant

2. Hollow/Penance - she is just awesome and the most mysterious comic character imo. give her more appearances or give her the power of cytorrak. : )

3. Jubilee - back to human please

4. Domino - it's great to see her always in adjectiveless x-men

5. Rogue - I really prefer her to have her flight and superstrength back.

6. Jean Grey - bring her back please!

7. M -she's cool and she's connected to Penance/Hollow

8. Psylocke - it's great to see her showing up a lot

9. X-23 - she's tough

10. Bloodstorm - cos she's Storm. hehehe : )

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Rouge is much less brash and seems less confident then she was when I was introduced to her in the 90's and I miss her that way. Emma is a good guy which I still don't like. Psylocke is done pretty well these days and has a big role in all X related matters power to her. Kitty has grown up, but her recent make out session with Bobby was weird especially when Pete is handling such a heavy burden. Just seems inconsiderate. Lastly Storm, her character has been thrown back decades all the work clairemont did to make her character standout was basically burned by the X writers of the last 6 or 7 years. She went from strong willed, powerful in both body and mind, and a character whose words carried weight to a token black character whose only purpose is to point out flaws, randomly fail to take a bad guy down, and occasionally appear in the background of major events with a single word bubble.

Those are my thoughts on the Major X-Women right now

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Rogue - I really enjoyed Rogue when she was that energetic and strong willed woman in the 90s, now it seems like Rogue is not as much confident of herself as she was when she was introduced in the cartoon series.
Storm - I loved Storm when she came out because she was such a strong character and she had this presence around her where everyone just listens to what she says. Now, she is just a background character and they haven't done much for her for awhile, other than her return to Uncanny X-Men and her marriage to Black Panther
Jean Grey - I want her back in the universe! She's been gone for too long now.
Kitty Pryde - I loved the fact that Kitty has grown into a mature person over the years and that really made me like her character.  However, recently I'm sort of disappointed about how the writers suddenly has her hooking up with Iceman when Colossus is dealing with a crisis right now. I have always imagined that Kitty was loyal to her friends and seeing her just date someone else while Colossus is facing a crisis seems out of character for her.
Jubilee - I loved her in the 90s cartoon, but now she has been thrown to the side and also turned into a vampire!
Psylocke - I didn't know much about Psylocke when she was first introduced, but the way she had been written in X-Force made me really love her character and I'm glad that she's getting some development going on.
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My favorite x-ladie is a tie between Kitty and X-23.

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Storm - #1 Woman of Marvel. Hands Down!

Rogue- I used to love. Nowadays she her character kinda sucks... Don't act like you don't know what I am talking about. I can't tell who changed more-- Her or Jubilee!

Emma, Pixie, Sage, and Psylocke are great characters too!

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@poisonfleur: Your right about Storm lol

My List then..

Rogue - Surprisingly, I loved the fact that she was this country woman with a bad ass attitude and could hit you like a man lol

Storm - It was hard to decide between her and rogue, but i loved her approach on issues and her power, oh her power, simply majestic! I didn't like how she started off as this nuclear bomb, then when phoenix appeared, she became a stick of dynamite.

Jubilee - I loved the rebellious teen attitude and she funny

Jean Grey - She was such a sweetheart,

Psylocke - i only liked the purple lol

Kitty - was like that innocent girl standing in the hallway, but could kick your ass if you slipped up lol


Storm - She's more of a person now. Learned from different experiences. She's written weaker, but i remember when my school took a trip to Alabama around MArch/ April this year and a tornado hit and school buses were found in a different county, so i know she isn't weak, it's just those squirrel heads at Marvel. But i learned to love Storm because it's hard being a black girl lol very!

Psylocke - still because of the purple and she has a more ninja feel to her now for some reason than before

Emma Frost - I only like emma because her attitude


I dont like jean because they killed her character with the PF

i dont like rogue because she is not so bad ass anymore

i dont like jubilee because of the vampire thing, atleast make her a sexy vampire, give her some swagg, sheesh

and kitty is gone



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@LimitlessPower: AGREED! Girl Power! *peace sign*

I swear I convince myself that Marvel is sabotaging the X-men to make the Avengers look good.. There is no other explanation at times. lol

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My favorite team was back in the '80s:

1) Dazzler

2) Jean Grey/Marvel Girl on X-Factor

3) British Psylocke

4) Storm


1) Dazzler is still one of my favorites

2) Jean Grey is still one of my favorites

I'm not a fan of current Storm or Ninja Psylocke.

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i have and always will be a x-gal fan

1] kitty is the girl next door that you had a crush on

2] jubi is the girl that helped you pick out your clothes

3] elizabeth made you melt with her english accent [think of nigella lawson and/or elizabeth hurley]

4] laura is coming around nicely

what i hate is how they all changed i dont blame the gals, just the writers

1] sure kitty and the petes broke up and now shes swapping spit with the iceman. whats up with that?

2] jubis a vampire really? well at least shes not a twilight vampire

3] eventhough i liked liz's armor uniform, the whole body switch gimmick with kwannon threw me off.

4] never cared for emma, she reminds me of girls i went to highschool with with their 'holier than thou' attitude

5] jean youre alive, youre dead, alive, dead, alive, dead. i mean come on pick a status and stay with it

6] laur was a ho [not by choice]

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