Future X-Romances

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Any idea where currently single characters will end up soon?

Genesis and Hope: Couldn't be a more perfect match.

Psylocke and Iceman: They were together in Age of X. I'd like to see how hanging out with Bobby could make Betsy less tense, and less suspicious of everyone.

Colossus and Emma Frost: Trust me.

Velocidad and Pixie should stay together.

Genesis and Transonic: Maybe.

Transonic and Rockslide: I dunno . . .

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Looks like Ice Man might have a relationship with Warbird

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I shipped Fantomlocke for ages but that really didn't have a happy ending, but actually Psylocke and Bobby romance would be very interesting. And maybe Psylocke's intensity might actually give him a bit of character development for the first time in over forty years, kind of like what Emma and Scott did for each other.

I just want Rogue and Gambit back, they have the potential for a healthy relationship now, but they just beat around the bush a lot. Rogneto should have never happened. I like Magneto, just not in the part of the Rogneto saga.

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Warren and Paige.

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Now that Storm is single again i would to see her with someone fun and carefree like Gambit. Their history and affection for eachother would be exciting to see explored.

Psylocke and Magneto would make an awesome couple. They both have gone through a lot of changes and are mature and equal enough to be partners.

Kitty and Bobby, are something different and i would like to see get closer. Colossus blew it and i like new couples.

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id like to see cannonball get some major spotlight and end up in a relationship with either firestar, who was his first kiss, boom boom, his best relationship, or rachel, because a summers guthrie relationship would be cool. id also like to see wind dancer return repowered or even not and help hellion return to the character we all saw before messiah complex.

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@Silver_Raven: Colossus didn't blow anything. He saved a million people and Utopia. Kitty was cool with letting them all get stomped out. Guy went through hell, literally, for people he loved. I don't see how he really blew it as the whole thing was incredibly forced.

On topic I actually like Pixie and Velocidad. Emma and Colossus would never happen. She already tried it with one boyscout that wasn't really over the woman he loved. Why would she jump ship to the same thing with Colossus? I want Gambit and Rogue.

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Storm and Wolverine

It's time they work on their love chemistry. : )

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: Glad I'm not the only Colossus fan-boy around here lol. I too agree Kitty was a little hard on the guy. Look, I know he has a penchant for self-sacrifice, but he did it to save the soul of his sister / KITTY'S BEST FRIEND. So yeah, I feel that whole thing wasn't done well. Emma and Pete I don't see working, Emma is too cruel for the big metal softy. I'd honestly like to see him with Polaris. I know, it's not the OBVIOUS choice, but think about it. (Plus, the team those two would make. WRECKING BALL SPECIAL).

I don't think Rogue/Gambit really works these days. Rouge was a much different character then, compared to now, and I think she's a little more cognizant of what it means to date the Ragin' Cajun. Magneto seemed like a bit of a...daddy fantasy, she was with the much more mature, level-headed, charismatic older man. I think a relationship with Cannonballs wouldn't be unheard of, they're both Southern, so they have a common bond, and a common moral set, what with the whole "Southern Hospitality". Plus, they both have come a LONG way since joining the team in levels of maturity.

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i say sabretooth - x-23


lol, now serious

fantomex - psylocke

and to give it a chance wolverine x storm

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@allthatsgeek: Haha, do I come off as a fanboy? I do enjoy Colossus, but I tend to defend Cyclops, Emma and to a lesser extent Kurt to the same degree. They're my favorite characters. Although I don't think Emma and Colossus aren't compatible. I actually think they could work as a couple. Kitty and Emma are two sides of the same coin. At least that's my feeling with the characters. It's just the whole Scott still holding a torch for Jean grinds at her. It'd be the same thing with any type of relationship with Piotr. She wouldn't do that again. The last type of attraction Piotr had to any female was that Excalibur chick that was always barefoot. Meggan? That was so long ago.

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Hard telling where wonder woman will end up...lol

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Anole and Rockslide... it could happen

Chamber and Husk - they need to get back together now that they are both at the school!

Cannonball and Moonstar - I just love the way they are around each other... it's so flirty yet friendly!

Havok and Polaris just need to get married already.

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@Rickbarry: Nothing wrong with holding a character/characters dear, we all mark out. I've always ready Emma as coming off kind of snooty, looking down on Peter. I seem to remember her eye-screwing him in Astonishing, and then dismissing him as well too... farmboy. Emma needs someone with class, sophistication, and a bit of a snob as well. Yeah, I remember the Meggan years, never really cared much for that one. While I do like Kitty and Colossus together, I think it's high time for Colossus to be his own man, provided he survives this stupid event.

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I agree with Psylcoke and Magneto

Rogue needs to go back to Gambit

Storm should stay single-- She seems Stronger that way-- Unless she dates someone clearly more of a man than she is (unlike Black Panther) maybe if her and Thor had chemistry. Other than that, keep her single-- because not to many characters in Marvel compliment her well enough.

I wanna see Rachel with someone ... but who??? Iceman?? Maybe-- Maybe not? help

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Psylocke and Wolverine will be together 100% sure.

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I don't understand the point of X-Romances, they never last and they usually get boring and dull 5 issues in. If anything they should make it more comedic and have a couple like Husk and Toad haha. Or even how they did it in the New Mutants with Magma and The Devil. It was fun and a one time thing, nothing too serious or dramatic!

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I would like to see Blindfold in a relationship. I don't know what her sexual orientation is so if she's a lesbian I want to see her with Cipher because she has a close relation ship with her. If she's straight then I dunno, maybe Chamber. It would be interesting to see how the age difference worked and they both have weird physical mutations.

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