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We have a long way to go before Days of Future Past comes out but I was wondering where people thought the series should go from here based on what we know of the film so far. What future plots would you like to see developed. For me I'm not as interested in adaptations than just using the various pieces of canon to make a good film.

For the third film it should be X-Men: New Mutants, and consist of the "second generation" (in movie continuity) of Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Storm, and Petra with Beast and another character from the previous films depending on if they introduce a new X-Man or not (if nobody new is introduced than I'd go with Gambit as a newcomer) and have the film take place in the Savage Lands after the X-Men are lured their as a trap by Mister Sinister and the Marauders to harvest their DNA in what is assumed to be a process to enhance the population of the Savage Land, but in post credit scenes we glimpse Sinisters real purpose.

For the fourth film it should be X-Men: Apocalypse (guess whose in that one), and takes place after the events of the first trilogy. Those events should be tweaked slightly that even though Xavier, Scott, and Jean died in Last Stand (doing away with Xavier transferring into a brain-dead "twin"), Jean had given birth to twins just prior to the events of X2 (Rachel and Nathan Summers), and had been recovering during X2 which is why her powers were going out of control and the Phoenix personality beginning to re-emerge. The twins are raised at the school following Last Stand. Two years after those events Sinister, still in the Savage Lands having survived the events of New Mutants, finishes his true work, the creation of the ultimate mutant, Apocalypse. This switches their characterizations, but the end result is the same in a way because Sinister created Apocalypse with the sole purpose of enforcing his ideals of the "survival of the fittest" in that he (Sinister) believes only the strongest mutants should rule the Earth and thus Apocalypse is created to both destroy humanity and weed out the weaker elements of the mutant population. To that affect he created Apocalypse with not only his own mutant abilities (cellular shapeshifting and through that regeneration, immortality, superhuman strength/stamina/reflexes/durability) but also those he gained from other mutants over the years (such as flight, teleporation, energy generation, etc...). Apocalypse betrays Sinister, however, killing him as he sees his father as weak for spending so much time to create something to fulfill his ideals rather than do it himself. He takes control of the latest Marauders and sets up a clinic in Europe for those mutants whose powers did not return from taking the cure in order to turn them into his slaves through introduction of the techno-organic virus Sinister had developed to create Apocalypse, thus creating the Dark Riders and the Four Horsemen. They begin terrorizing the world, leading into a confrontation with the X-Men.....who at this point now consist of Storm, Beast, Wolverine, Rogue, Iceman, Angel (who is captured and turned into a Horseman during the film), Shadowcat, Colossus, Nightcrawler, newcomer Jubilee and returner Gambit. During the film Angel, after his change, kidnaps Nathan and Rachel and delivers them to Apocalypse to force the X-Men into a final confrontation. The team arrives in time to save Rachel from being implanted with the techno-organic virus but are too late to save Nathan, who surprisingly is able to fight the assimilating process due to the sudden activation of his telekinetic abilities (and in time he'll develop telepathy and optical blasts that he can control) subconsciously surpressing the virus from taking over his body. This, combined with a hint that Apocalypse survives the events of the film, would foreshadow Nathan's growth into Cable and his continued struggle against Apocalypse. At the end of the film we see a re-powered Magneto, Mystique, and Pyro arrive at the Savage Lands and take control of Sinister's complex, Magneto stating his desires to create a Utopia for mutantkind in order to repent for his past crimes.

How would you like to see the franchise continue (if you want to at all)?

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Rated R violent x force

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I would love to see Apocalypse styled movie, i loved that arc in the comics.

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Singer tends to make things in his movies more practical and as believable as possible. I can't really see Apocalypse showing up....would be nice though

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Relaunch. Sell rights to marvel. Anything but fox comic book movies.

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Just wrote this over on the X-Force forums - applies here as well:

As some others have said, X-Force by nature has always dealt w/ the underbelly of the mutant universe. While I don't think that'd work as a movie, it could be an amazing television show for FX - who already have a history of very adult, gritty shows (ie The Shield). Remender's run on UXF was very, very, character driven and that's an ideal blueprint for good television.

One thing to remember here is that a television show would likely connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe similar to the SHIELD show in production - so some liberties could be taken.

More than likely they'd have to drop Wolverine since Jackman is now 100% associated w/ that character and he'd be too expensive to have him as a regular. Same situation w/ Storm. The team would have to be comprised of characters who either have never appeared in the movies or have had very minor roles. Psylocke could still be the main focus and is a very marketable television archetype - attractive, asian female fighter. The rest of the team could be made up of characters who wouldn't need much in the way of CG animation - so Spiral is out, as is Angel. I think they could do well w/ a roster mixed of characters from the newer X-Force runs. Something like Psylocke, Warpath, Elixir, Fantomex, and Gambit. I added Gambit instead of someone like Puck since he doesn't rely on strength or stabbing weapons to get the job done - instead using his obvious kinetic abilities and charm. His ability to charm others to his will is something that can't be understated for a television series that need as much as they can get w/o using CG.

Elixir would serve as the viewers voice through the series. He could be portrayed exactly as he was in his X-Force run - experienced, but still the lowest on the totem pole and a bit naive to this darker side of the X-Men universe.

Another female would probably be needed and the natural choice would be X-23. The only concern w/ her is she could come off as a gimmick to those who are only familiar w/ X-Men through the movies. An alternate could be Domino as her luck powers wouldn't need much in the way of CG and could be an awesome wrinkle for the show, but she also heavily uses guns which mirrors Fantomex. Hope has too much baggage to add to the team - though it'd make for an awesome arc at some point.

My final roster: Psylocke (leader), Warpath (brute), Elixir (viewer connection), Gambit (stealthy playboy), and Domino (additional female, luck powers bring wrinkle) w/ Fantomex and X-23 being reoccurring roles here and there. And let's be honest Summer Glau would be an awesome X-23. Ironically enough Lena Headey would be an awesome Domino.

Villain wise, go w/ the Purifiers. Again, overall a low budget option w/ big potential. Could even use the Guild of Thieves/Assassins down the road.

And course Bishop. I don't think you can do an X-Force show w/o Bishop showing up at some point.

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@Storm_UltimateBadass said:

I would love to see Apocalypse styled movie, i loved that arc in the comics.

I wish they would play it off like X-men Evo where Apocalypse looks like a Blue Pharaoh. I loved that re imagination of him.

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Well Wolverine is getting his own movie, again..

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if Marvel gets the rights back for X-Men it would be hilarious if they made Wolverine do a cameo in each of the movies. it would be just like the comics with him showing up everywhere :p

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