First Look at AvX: Consequences

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So Marvel killed Nightwing?

Wow, that's quite brave considering they don't own the character.

Oh, wait...

I'm not sure if Marvel should do this, showing us what happens afterwards.

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its not like we didn't see it coming.its not like cyclops is gonna destroy everyone and bang story over.they said one team would win, why would it be x-men quoting scott from round 1 "ugly step children that's all we've ever been to them"that line alone pretty much sums up the absurdity of it all.a world full of super powered beings but its the ones that are born with em that are the outcasts.if they wanted x-men characters to be included in more avengers stuff they could of found a less crappy way to go about it.

Professor x dying isnt really a surprise and alot of people called it.cyclops also dying though would make for a much bigger impact because despite how this is currently making him look it doesn't negate what his value is to the mutant community.And I don't think anyones gonna be trusting emma for a while so utopia just seems lost

And this doesn't really have anything to do with topic.but WTF was up with that versus Hawkeye/angel fight!? im mean seriously i thought thor losing to emma the way he did was stupid but how hawkeye wins his fight in just full blown retard

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@htb106: What are they showing exactly? A cover? You don't know if he is killed after this or not.

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