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Basically what it says on the title, who is yourfavourite X-Men character; or characters if your split between more than one, of all time and why?  

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Jean Grey: I list her as my favorite because she developed her own personality, and it was this personality that spurred one of comics' greatest epics. There was always a tinge of naughtiness to her character, and the interesting part of her was that while she could be nice, the very nature of her powers was so useful that some of the things she did as the Phoenix (erasing Kitty Pryde's parent's memories of their daughter being kidnapped and using TK to change the molecular pattern of her clothes) that might have been problematic was done in such a deft way that Claremont really made her seem comfortable with them in a way that Cyclops and Professor X were not. She seemed like a regular person making sense of what her superhuman powers could do without espousing some genocidal or entirely benign belief system.

Banshee: I liked the fact that of all the All-New-All-Different team, he was the one with real world concerns. Thinking about his age compared to some of the younger members and falling in love with an incredibly intelligent female scientist was more interesting to me than a typical superhero relationship and his being a parent added to my sense that I could look up to.

Dazzler: I really became a fan of hers during Claremont's run in the '80s. I ended up reading the entire Dazzler series since they were so low priced I could buy ten or more issues for a dollar from the used bin and always selected her when I was playing the X-Men 6 player arcade game. I like the aspect of her character where she is trying to have something of a normal life as a successful artist while being possessed of one of the most potentially powerful mutant abilities.

Magik: She is incredibly cool and was one of my favorite members of the younger characters. In many ways, she was more chaotic and violent than Wolverine was, and one of my all time favorite panels involved her holding a gun to the Ani-Mator's head. She was a very dark character among a cast that was often portrayed as innocent, but she was even darker than Wolverine and some villains. Just a fun character to read since she wasn't the typical 'lawful good' or 'chaotic good' archetype.

Honorable mentions go to Monet, Karma, Sunspot and Northstar but these were the four that I bought figures of and followed throughout my years reading.

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read my name

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pretty sure this has been done before... many times... actually too many times! SAVE YOURSELF ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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bobby drake 100%

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Nightcrawler RIP

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@knighthood said:

Nightcrawler RIP

Kurt FTW

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I'm a Cyclops fan! Even more now that he has to make the tough calls.

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MANY! Let's start with the ones I can think of right away!

Rogue: I always thought she was pretty powerful as a villain, but as a hero she was AWESOME, struggling to cope with her uncontrollable powers, her guilt over what happened to Ms. Marvel, her loyalty to the X-Men AND her relationships. Rogue struck me as an intersting character from the start, but her portrayl in the 90's cartoon sealed the deal. at first I HATED her character! Bad enough she seemed like she was there for the sole pupose of replacing Colossus, (One of my FAVORITE characters EVER!) but when she came off as an overpowered, overconfidant Mary Sue I cringed at her every scene! However, once she got some more backstory my hate turnned to pity, and soon enough I just LOVED seeing her in action! It got to the point where I would even ROOT for her! And even now, I still do.

Nightcrawler: A mutant who looks like a demon but has more humanity than most humans? Oh, come ON! How do you go wrong with that?

Beast: He's got brains, brawn, agility AND diplomatic skills? Let's face it, Beast is a quadruple threat!

Colossus: Okay, I mentioned this in my description of Rogue, but I need to bring it up again, Colossus may not be a "Genius-Bruiser" but he's still a big powerhouse who can paint like a pro! So he's close enough for me! For all his strength Colossus still seems like a lightweight compared to so many other comic book heavy-hitters, but I'll root for him anyway because his heart is strong enough to impress even the most jaded fan!

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Gotta go with my fellow Louisiana Gambit. Hey he's one of my all time favorites

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@cattlebattle said:

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Gambit, Jubilee, Psylocke, Phoenix and Longshot

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@War Killer said:


THIIS 105%

And THIIS 105%

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Oh God, like I literally JUST answered this on another thread like, 5 minutes ago...

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But I digress...

Storm, Nightcrawler, Gambit, Cyclops, Rogue, Colossus, Bishop, Northstar, Forge, Wolverine, Psylocke, Emma Frost, Professor X, Banshee, Beast, Dazzler, Phoenix, Archangel, Shadowcat, Jubilee, Warpath, Cannonball, Phantomex, Iceman, Sunfire

In that order, mostly.

Not a fan of Longshot, Havok, Polaris, Marvel Girl, or making anyone else X-Men, especially Pixie and the other annoying X-kids. Listed above are the only characters qualified to be X-Men, they may come and go as stories allow, but any new (original Adult NOT kid) characters must be approved by myself, Scott, Ororo, and Charles, unanimously.

I've said my piece.

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Ororo Munroe aka Storm.

She has a unique appearance that takes your breath away.

Inspiring leadership

Awesome powers

Great personality.

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Rogue, Magik, Psylocke

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Gambit no doubt,he's does everything with charm and makes stuff look easy

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Wolverine...why? He's the best at what he does

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Why don't people use the search bar before they start a new topic?

There's a thread for this that goes back 5 years: Favorite X-Man

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@Thunderscream said:

Why don't people use the search bar before they start a new topic?

There's a thread for this that goes back 5 years: Favorite X-Man

My bad Thunderscream.
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My favs used to be Cyclops and Cable (both back in the 90's) not anymore however, I guess my favs now are Storm, Beast, Psylocke and Nightcrawler.

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GAMBIT! THE RAJUN CAJUN! THE CARD THROWER! THE CHARMER! MR. REMY ETTIENNE LEBEAU!.......Where should i begin? His powers are dang near limitless! Charging any object he wishes to make it explode or cause additional damage through the use of his limitless ability to manipulate kinetic energy! Also allowing his ability to tap into kinetic energy to heal himself. Furthermore, his has superhuman agility, stamina, speed, reflexes and even strength when tapping into his kinetic energy. He is an acrobat! He jumps from rooftop from rooftop throwing his kineticly charged cards (ace of spade being favorite), and spitting out those famous one-liners that he is sure to make nobody forget, "the name's Gambit, remember it". And its all done with that charming french/louisiana accent that the ladys cant resist. And he can charm the pants off of any lil lady around monami. Anothe one of his many abilities of which all arent even listed. He is also trained in the art of the bo staff (hence the metal staff he always carries-which he can also charge), and matial arts; both of which he is expert. Gambit...a.k.a the the devil, is a master thief as well. Trained as a kid to survive on the streets. He is seen when he wants to be seen. He is damn near invisible! But honestly, i can relate to him and i think thats why i like him the most. A rough upbringing, the trouble maker, the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and the charmer....the ladys man...yet still having the best intentions! Boom GAMBIT!!

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Emma Frost



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Havok, Lifeguard, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Cable, Cyclops, Shadowcat, and X-Students (minus Omega Gang and No Girl)

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I ended up with Colossus, but Scott was a close second. I'm such a blue team homer.

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Nightcrawler, great powers and personality added with a fantastic design.

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Wolverine, bub

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wolverine,rogue, psylocke, emma frost and bishop.

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Professor X

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Clearly Iceman here as well, insane powers but too nice and humble to use em to full extend.

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Clearly Iceman here as well, insane powers but too nice and humble to use em to full extend.

You have read Astonishing X-Men right? Bobby went batsh!t crazy.

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@knighthood: Yeah loved it, was about time he let loose ;)

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@knighthood: Yeah loved it, was about time he let loose ;)

haha, yeah, to show why he shouldn't!

I did really enjoy the most recent arc of Astonishing X-Men (issues 62-65), but I am getting a little tired of the idea that making a character have more depth requires giving them more power or having them become evil. It was a great Iceman story though.

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I guess my all time favorite X-men character(s) would probably be a pretty square tie between these six (Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine, Kitty, Rogue, and Colossus) ..and maybe the Beast.

These characters are just all really fun, they all have really distinct and interesting powers, personalities and voices. And I can't think of many (if any) of my favorite X-men stories that don't feature at least some of these characters in good roles.

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My favorites are Jean Grey, Psylocke and Rogue with her Ms. Marvel powers.

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disputed mutant champ, hero, leader, pioneer, savior

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Wolverine,my MAN!!

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My favorites are Iceman, Beast, and Rogue. And I guess Cyclops is another favorite. I mean, it's not like I dressed up as him for my high school Halloween dance or anything...

Oh, wait. I totally did...

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Beast,Iceman,Cyclops,Wolvie,and Kitty

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