Favorite Movie (X1,2, or 3) Adaptation

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who is your favorite x-men(any) character adaptation? i like beast.

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#3 Posted by Chameleone (8465 posts) - - Show Bio

has to be mystique definately

#4 Posted by Crimson Orchid (5838 posts) - - Show Bio

Mystic's costume and make up in te movie was just awesome. That's something like 5-6 hours of work... could you imagine? That would be brutal...

#5 Posted by Hagane Enna (7388 posts) - - Show Bio

Nightcrawler or Colossus.

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X3 character Adaptation Phoenix

#7 Posted by beastmanX (374 posts) - - Show Bio

i didnt like colossus a whole lot becasue he one was'snt russian and two barely talked. but daniel cudmore looked cool as him.

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     Rebecca Romijn is frick'n dedicated,to do three films that require 8+ hours of airbrushing and prosthetics just put the make-up on,not counting the hours to take it off.I heard on the X-Men 1.5 dvd-director commentary,that rebecca would go in to make up at about 4:30am to be on set to film at around 12pm.And you know the scene in X1 where Magneto is forcing mutation in Senetor Kelly?That scene took place in Canada in like 30degree temperatures-can you say,BRRRRR?
#9 Posted by Constantine (16128 posts) - - Show Bio

Pyro or colossus, they kick ass.

#10 Posted by gambit_1972 (21 posts) - - Show Bio

Probably Nightcrwler or Mystique...I liked the way thgey fleshed out Kurt's character...the angel tatoo scars were a nice touch and the way rhey handled Mystiques natural form was pretty cool...I couldnt see anyone else playing either charcter as well as Alan Cumming or Rebecca Stamos.

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