Extent of Prof X's abilities.

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okay this maybe a stupid question, but can Professor X project his powers through the telephone? For example, he was in New York and gets a phone call from say, alaska, is it possible for him to mentally reach out to that person? (read his/her mind etc.)

#2 Posted by dangallant984 (1282 posts) - - Show Bio

@fury714: it's Prof.X; I don't even think he should need the telephone. Remember the first time he tried to contact Namor? at the bottom of the ocean? no telephone.

#3 Posted by fury714 (589 posts) - - Show Bio

@dangallant984: yep, that I know of, it's just a random thought that what if someone randomly calls him y'know =/

#4 Posted by judasnixon (6960 posts) - - Show Bio

Ha Ha Ha... I can picture Prof. X making really creepy crank phone calls.  
Ring Ring 
Woman; Hello? 
Prof. X; I know what you are wearing, your favorite color, your mother's maiden, and the last time you pooped your paints. Three weeks ago at the Golden Corral. You thought it was a fart, but you were wrong!

#5 Posted by dangallant984 (1282 posts) - - Show Bio

@fury714: undistracted, if they call him, he should know before the phone rings, make them think he answered, hang up, and be in their deepest secrets before they notice they're talking to dial tone..

He is, after all, the measure of greatness in this matter.

#6 Posted by fury714 (589 posts) - - Show Bio

Very good point.

#7 Posted by fury714 (589 posts) - - Show Bio

@judasnixon: I Lol'd at that post hahaha.

#8 Posted by chasereis (794 posts) - - Show Bio

@judasnixon: That was epic. Actually if I was Xavier I would have people that I didn't like doing stupid s**t. Like creating the illusion of a beautiful buxom woman, let them get "familiar" then...BAM! Ugly DUDES or a llama. Yea I'll go llama for effect.

@fury714: Who is that in your Avatar? BoA?

#9 Posted by fury714 (589 posts) - - Show Bio

@chasereis: Its HyunA from 4minute :)

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No, he likely can't, why would he be able to do that? His abilities aren't sound-based.

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Well, he did something like that in the first episode of X-Men: Evolution, but I doubt that's how he did it.

#12 Posted by Ms. Omega (4523 posts) - - Show Bio

@judasnixon: LMAO!!!

#13 Posted by fury714 (589 posts) - - Show Bio

He could only do it when he knows the caller and in range Im guessing, but if it's totally random I doubt. Hypothetically if wolverine calls from Japan and Prof X is in Arizona, his range would prevent him from reading Wolverine's mind.

#14 Posted by RawrImADragon (206 posts) - - Show Bio

you guys are thinking in small scale. i've always wondered about how long the radius of his telepathy is. for example, if he can really reach out, he can potentially scan the universe for life, reading thoughts of aliens across the galaxy.

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